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First of all, I just want to say how surprised to see that I am (looks to be anyways) the first to comment on tonights episode, Mayday. :o)


All in all, I felt that is was a good episode. I went into thinking that we wouldn't be getting any closure with Carter's issue, so, therefore I really wasn't excited to watch tonight, but then I was so happy to see that he was on the airplane. I expected to hear that he had run off, and no one at County new if he was alive or not, was that the Stars speculation? Anyways, I guess it wasn't a full closure for him, but a start and I don't have wonder during the summer months what is going to happen to him. And I was glad to see Peter next to him in the plane, no one should have been there but him. Now, I need to go watch the episode again, knowing I can relax and really enjoy it. :-)

-- Paula (, May 18, 2000


Response to SPOILER INFO. ABOUT MAYDAY, and my thoughts.

I was so glad to see Benton on the plane with Carter. When they showed the first shot of him looking out the plane window, I was thinking "oh please don't let him be all alone!!!" And the way Benton made that comment about his cousin, Carter punched him, then started crying - that was powerful. You could tell it really struck a nerve with Carter.

I loved this episode. The show has been really great the past few months. So much better than last season! I can't wait until October for the next new episode!! I want the old Carter back.

Oh yeah- that scene with Corday, Benton and the little boy with a bullet in his heart sort of reminded me of the scene where Lucy died - when she and Romano had to shock her heart.

-- Melanie (, May 18, 2000.

Response to SPOILER INFO. ABOUT MAYDAY, and my thoughts.

This was a great epi. The whole show my stomach was in knots just waiting for the confrontation with Carter. Everytime I saw him I just wanted to cry...the look on his face after he was caught by Abby and after he talked with Mark outside was so painful. You could see the disgust in his face. I loved Kerry's comment on "how did we let this happen" and MArk said "its Carter -- your mind just doesn't go there".

-- amanda (, May 19, 2000.

Response to SPOILER INFO. ABOUT MAYDAY, and my thoughts.

I *loved* the "it's Carter, you just don't go there" comment, it was exactly what I wanted to hear. I loved that everyone insisted that Romano stayed out of it, he wouldn't have been compassionate about it, like Kerry wanted. Kerry was stern, but we knew it was killing her inside. I was also waiting for Anspaugh's line "we all care about you" although I expected it from someone else, at least someone said it. And I loved Mark's "when you return we will support you in every way possible".

I was wondering whether this show would be similar to a Party of Five episode, when siblings and friends forced a confrontation on Bailey about his alcoholism. Bear with me, it relates to this. Just as Bailey did, Carter started fighting back and defending himself by pointing out others mistakes. I was pretty angry about Carter being so rude to Abby when she tried to apologize, she did need to tell someone, and what she saw was true; and I was pretty upset that Carter "got in Deb's face" about her own mistakes, but that is how they did it with Bailey too...he brutally brought everyone else down, and it made you so mad at him, but in the end, you understood why they went there; it was all about fear. Remembering that episode helped me not to resent them and think they were turning carter into a jerk. They have set next season up well.

-- Elaine (, May 19, 2000.

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