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The more Anthony Edwards opens his mouth the less I have respect for him. Now I hear he told George CLooney not to come back at all during Season 6 because it would distract from the other cast and what they had built up since he left the show. Apparently Julianna was the one who requested George make a final appearance. John Wells agreed but only if they shot the scene out of Hollywood. While to some degree I understand why they didn't want all the hype with George on the set but still I just think that Tony Edwards is jealous of George Clooney and probably always has been. With the exception of a few shows this season it hasn't been all that great. I think more appearances from George would have been better for Carol's story. In any event, its all ancient history now but still I think Tony is a jerk and I don't see how George can call him a true friend. JMO of course.

P.S. Mark & Elizabeth will NEVER have the chemsistry that Doug and Carol had including the actors who play or played them. That's probably what bugs him too.

-- Kathy (, May 18, 2000


Where in the world did you hear all this from????

-- Melanie (, May 18, 2000.

There is an article in this week's US Weekly about George Clooney's appearance.

This is a part of this article: "George Clooney know he was going to have to come back for Julianna Margulies's farewell ER episode on May 11. But not everyone was thrilled by the idea: Anthony Edwards, who stars as Dr. Mark Greene, had asked Clooney not to return for fear that the ensuiing hype would overshadow what the cast had built this year in his absence. "He spoke to me without any ego at all," Clooney told US weekly at the Cannes Film Festival...(skipped). Clooney understood and agreed to stay away -- until "Julianna started getting more and more upset", set Clooney. (skipped) So ER's co-executive producer John Wells came to Clooney with a solution: The would film his appearance ...away from Hollywood and not publicize it. "I said, "Give it your best shot", recalled Clooney

-- lorraine (, May 18, 2000.

Wow, I guess if it's in US magazine that's a pretty reliable source, but I really would prefer not to believe that!

-- Elaine (, May 19, 2000.

I think that any news source can take comments out of context and sometimes mislead readers. If Anthony Edwards did say that, I can understand it, although I was thrilled to see GC make his comeback appearance. If I worked hard all year on a project, I wouldn't want the final moments to be solely focused on someone who already left and hadn't been there all year. If George is cool with Anthony, why should we care?

-- kristi (, May 19, 2000.

Sheesh! Clooney himself said "He spoke to me without any ego at all" - if Clooney wasn't offended, why should the fans be?

-- debbie (, May 19, 2000.

Be calm everyone! Be reasonable. Let's try to remain civil. I think it is very unecessary to call names about a situation that is taken out of context. Edwards and Clooney worked together well for years and what they say to eachother is really none of our business. IMO, Edwards was completely right in his request. Why would anyone assume he was worried only about himself- Carter was the one with the big finish this year. How many fans would have wanted to give up scenes of Carter for more of George? Few I would say. Clooney is off the show, the rest are still there and have to maintain their characters etc. It's been tough enough to give sufficient time to everyone, without adding in more of George. This was a fine compromose, but the typical hype way that it could have been wouldn't have been good for the plots, the actors, the fans, or the show as a whole.

-- May (, May 20, 2000.

I read that too. But I think what Anthony Edwards meant was, not that it would take away from Carol's last episode, but that the PUBLICITY would overshadow Carol/JM's exit. He didn't say not to do it because he was jealous or anything, because the episode was about Carol anyway, but if it got out to the press, (which it didn't until the very end, and that was a great job by everyone involved for keeping it secret), then the focus would have been taken away from Julianna.

-- cara klein (, May 21, 2000.

Apparently Anthony Edwards point was that they spent a year trying to address having the show without Clooney, and that the hype a Doug Ross return would create would pretty much destroy the work they had put into that. He was completely behind an unpublicized appearance. IMO, the request was reasonable, and I know that George Clooney did not take offence at it.

Anthony Edwards is a damn fine actor (and I really don't see how you think he can be jealous of Clooney since he has always been billed as the lead actor) who does his job and does it well. He is entitled to his opinion, like anyone else, and you should not go round calling him a jerk for making a valid point.

-- Elizabeth Routledge (, June 10, 2001.

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