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The Visit

"So..... I guess its yours." Dadge says still starring at the strage monster. "Yeah but what should I do with it? What stat is it good at?" Tabasco wonders. Dadge goes over to the computer and starts anylizing the monster. "Hmmmm... It's very good at Int and Ski, and above average on the rest. For a baby thats good, very good." Dadge says anylizing the monster himself just in case. "Now I have to name it. What name could fit the description of a large blue eagle on fire?" "How about Fire Bird or Magma Eagle?" Dadge suggested. "No, that won't do." Just then the blue bird made a loud cawing noise then flew around the room so fast that Dadge and Tabasco could only so a blaze of blue. "Look at that! It looks like just a blaze of blue when it flys." Dadge says patiently watching. "That's it!!!That's what I'll name it. Blue Blaze." Tabasco says nodding his head liking the name. Then Tabasco whistled loud and the phoenix stopped and landed. "Looks like it already has some loylalty." says Dadge. Tabasco walks up to Blue Blaze and says, "There, your name is now Blue Blaze."

Tabasco gives a final bow and thanks Dadge for his help and heads off to his ranch. Blue Blaze, while walking with Tabasco, Jumps in he air and starts flying around Tabasco, squaking at him. "Alright Blue Blaze, I'll race you home," Tabasco jumps in the airm and starts flying home as fast as he can. A couple seconds later Blue Blaze flies after Tabasco. Blue Blaze catches up with Tabasco and squaks then flies ahead of him. Tabasco speeds up going faster and faster until he catches up to Blue Blaze. They go neck and neck with each other, then its the sprint the end. Blue Blaze takes the lead first, then Tabasco speeds up and flies ahead of him. Just when Tabasco thought he won. He sees a blue streak of light speed past him and then he felt a breeze of wind rush by him. He then sees Blue Blaze land at the barn. A couple seconds later Tabasco lands slowly, heaving and tired, "I guess... you won... good job Blue Blaze..." Blue Blaze lets out a victory squak.

The next day Tabasco wakes up and decides to head to the barn. He gets ready and walks out the door of the house. In his yard he sees jeep pull up and watches a man get out. "Who are you?" Tabasco yells suspiciosly. "Why I'm Dr. Talico from the Torble University." "Why are you here?" Tabasco says fiercly. "Why I'm here to inspect that monster of yours."

Next time on The Spirited Begining, Dr. Talico reveals the story behind the blue bird, and Tabasco starts raising Blue Blaze.

Well hoped you liked chapter 3. Adios

-- Aaron Guest a.k.a. Magma Bird (, May 18, 2000


Very spiffy. Very!

-- Justice (, May 19, 2000.

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