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Interference Levels In Aircraft at Radio Frequencies used by Portable Telephones

This report makes recommendations based on results and observations from interference tests sponsored by the Civil Aviation Authority and performed on a British Airways Boeing 737-236 and a Virgin Atlantic Airways Boeing 747-243B at London Gatwick Airport on 15th February 2000."

Full report at:

Link to the database of 50 documented incidents in which portable electronic devices interfered with aircraft instruments and possibly caused various anomalies:

-- viewer (, May 18, 2000


About two years ago, Gloria Estafan was flying into Miami. She was using her cellphone. The captain came out to tell her not to - it was fouling his instruments. She graciously said "Go _ yourself. Don't you know I'm Gloria Estafan?" Real class. She was arrested in Miami and paid a token fine.

-- (retired@nd.happ), May 19, 2000.

Some airlines don't play around with this stuff. Just last week, I was flying back into Atlanta. We had landed, and were taxiing to the gate (in Atlanta, that can take a while). Some idiot in the next row in (First Class) whipped out his cell phone and started dialing and yakking. The senior flight attendant GOT UP (normally, they aren't supposed to during taxiing) and told the man that he had to hang up and turn the phone off NOW. He began telling the party on the other end "Bob, I gotta go. Bob, I gotta go," and the SFA kept saying "Now, sir" over and over again, louder each time, until I'm sure the front half of the plane could hear it. When he finally did hang up, the SFA returned to her seat without saying "thank you" (I personally don't think the inconsiderate jerk deserved any thanks).

I was most surprised, though, to hear the young programmer-looking fellow next to me call Mr. Cell Phone a "rude asshole" after he had hung up. Not exactly the best behavior, but perhaps it means that there's still hope for the young. :)

-- Sal Monella (, May 22, 2000.

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