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This moring, 8 a.m., Pacific Coast Time, two friends living just outside Los Alamos phoned to inform me they would be moving by the end of next week.

They had been evacuated once, but then allowed to return to their home as the fire went around their immediate area.

They are frightened as they informed me there has been a "news-blackout" and no one is being told that the main concern about the radioactive material at Los Alamos wasn't what was in bunkers, but rather the radioactive waste that has been stored three and four drums high in canyons, covered by tarps, and totally unprotected from anything.

Local talk has it that the government is going to settle any and all financial claims quickly in an attempt to keep the lax waste material handling covered up.

Also, they informed me that as of this morning, there is little or no actual containment and that the fires are jumping and spreading. People are ill, ash is causing havoc for anyone with asthma or other breathing problems, AND there is a total media black out even on a local level.

Granted this is "hear-say" but it is first hand, and points to the fact that as far as the government, State, Local or Federal is concerned, the less the public knows of the truth, the better.

No wonder first reports were so concerned about nuclear storage, there ain't any!

-- Richard (, May 18, 2000


Is Astral Acres anywhere near Sacred Spaces?

-- CJS (cjs@NOEMAIL.COM), May 18, 2000.

Thanks, Richard. I lurk to catch items of interest. This is one of them and justifies the time.

For you youngsters who don't really understand the circumstances that surround Agent Orange, the Gulf War Syndrome, the A-bomb suit (where government personnel were exposed to hazardous radiation at the test site in Nevada), the syphilis experiment at Tuskegee-among others- be a little more aware when you run through that Seattle, De Moines, Tahoe, Salt Lake, Dallas, New Orleans, Mobile and Jacksonville rain. Say a prayer that astral spaces are so far out that you can afford to make a little fun and toss unsolicited information in File 13.

I hope Richard's informants were wrong, or that his posting is bait, but I have an uneasy feeling after reviewing the government releases over the last week that something's way out of line here.

By the way, kiddies, time for summer break. Why don't you get together and do a cumulative incident-effect graph? I'm working on one, but I don't have your proficiency. Just an old dog trying to learn the pups' new ticks. Maybe yours will look happier than mine does right now. Might even make good thesis material. Be sure to monitor birth defect stats in the Los Alamos by-product geographical area, and considering that storm system that's moving through right now, that'll be a biggie. You can draw your baseline from current CDC data: any deviations after, say July 2000 might be significant.

So long for a while. Vets, Happy Memorial Day.


-- another government hack (, May 18, 2000.

Good report Richard. I read on another site from someone near Los Alamos that they too believe that a massive cover-up is going on and has ask folks to get involved and get vocal about it. Also, I haven't hear any more about the fires in Southern New Mexico and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon; neither of those fires were contained the last I heard.

-- Mello1 (, May 18, 2000.

Mello 1,

Thanks for the kind words and some verification. I was beginning to think "it was all a dream" from the responses that came along. I don't have any "bait" to scatter, and only reported this conversation to shed some light on yet another "funny" government situation.

-- Richard (, May 19, 2000.

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