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I was thinking today about something else (besides drugs and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) that could be messing Carter up -- sleep deprivation. Doesn't this condition lead to even psychotic behavior over time? It seems that it has been months since Carter has had a good nights sleep despite what he tells Gamma. Help me remember Psych 101 from all those years ago.

-- maryann (, May 17, 2000


Maryann, good point! I remember reading an article which tested people who were over the legal alcohol limit (.08 - .1) against those who were sleep deprived. The sleep deprived subjects did considerably worse on the driving test than those who were legally "drunk".

-- Deb (, May 18, 2000.

I think I read something similar as well. Unfortunatly for Carter , he has so many problems right now that he really needs to have gotten help already. I think the chronic pain caused drug use. The PTSD/survivor's guilt has caused numerous physical/emotional problems such as insomnia(sleep deprivation),flashbacks( and or nightmares), irritibility, agitation , and the inability to get him to quit thinking about the knifing. Not to mention the guilt asociated with then events of the day.

-- Brenda (, May 18, 2000.

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