I wasn't born paranoid or observant

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For all those who disbelieve the plume vapor trails from high flying craft. They exist. I thought they existed only during the daylight hours, when I had witnessed the criss cross of plumes which did not dissipate, but slowly gathered to form a cloud cover, on an otherwise, cloudless day. To my small surprise, I witnessed the same phenomenon, at dusk, tonight. To those who have not taken the time to observe, or cannot see above your heads, this message is not for you. To observers, I saw the plumes, even as the sun set and the moon rose. Now I know I have no skin power to do anything about those unnatural things happening in the shy, but I am afforded the power to tell you, that I have seen what you see. Remember, "there is nothing, another human can do to you".

-- Elect. still on, (onwithd@show.org), May 17, 2000


You weren't born paranoid, you evolved

-- x (x@x.x), May 17, 2000.

Silliness or trollishness.

-- Carlos (riffraff@cybertime.net), May 18, 2000.

No skin power? So sad.

-- (nemesis@awol.com), May 18, 2000.

The debate is not about the existance of vapor trails existing from high flying craft, they are a fact, and as I have said over and over-military aircraft use water to increase thrust in the afterburners, which allows them to reach high altitude faster. Air currants are different in the upper autmosphere so they may not dissipate even if it is windy down on the ground. The problem is that some people believe that there is some form of biochemical being dropped from the vapor trails. Which is funny considering it is exaust from very hot burning engines.

And there is no time that they exist, if an aircraft is flying at night they will be there then also.

-- Cherri (sams@brigadoon.com), May 18, 2000.

Cherri, I seem to remember, you were part of the flight crew, therefore, your expertise would be in the aerial arena, and the Military Manuals. You saw things from the air. You flew so fast, did you look behind you? Some of us, see things from the ground. Let me say up front, I do not know what this phenomenon is or is not. I just know it is different. It is not a natural occurence to start with a clear morning sky, then the very high flying aircraft start to spew out their trails. Some planes spew out short trails, which dissipate within a very short time, this is what I remember from my many years. The majority of the multi-overhead planes, spew trails which do not dissipate, but start to widen, flatten, to form a small band. Take that "flatened (misp) band" and multiply it by the seemingly dozens of other trails on any given day. A once beautiful, clear sky, eventually becomes covered with a white cloud mist, within a few hours. This isn't the norm, as I remember. Heaven knows there are enough "Crazies" in this world, and I pray my words and actions do not lend to paranoia for anyone. I can only tell you what I have seen, what was written in my "Life Book". Do the search engine thing. Look at the Gulf War Veterans home page. Remember Agent Orange? Let your quest for the real truth, begin.

-- Elect. still on (onwithd@show.org), May 18, 2000.

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