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I was watching the season finale of "The West Wing" last night, and I *finally* remembered where I had seen the President's daughter's bodyguard before! It is the actress who previously played Maggie Doyle on "ER". (Geez, its been awhile since I've seen her -- hope I got her name right.) I thought it was interesting, especially since Dr. Doyle came from a family of police officers. Hmmm. . .wonder where Jerry will pop up??

-- Michelle (, May 17, 2000


Jerry popped up on the X Files season 6 ep 'Arcadia' as a neighbour to Mulder and Scully when they were undercover. And in true X Files style he died. He was very good in this ep. It was a nice casting job.

-- cat (, May 17, 2000.

Jorja Fox played Maggie Doyle. I saw her on the West Wing too!

-- Stephanie (, May 18, 2000.

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