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Kerry seems to be so rude and mean lately. I know she has to be strict, but she is just plain MEAN lately!! I know you Kerry fans will probably chew me out, but I really am frustrated with the way she's been treating people!! Any comments? (now, THAT'S a stupid question)

-- Kim (, May 17, 2000


I think maybe she has been feeling the stress of running a "tighter" ship ever since the attack on Carter and Lucy. I know we never saw any fallout from that on any episode, but there has to have been some repercussions. Also, she and Romano had that clash a few weeks ago. So a rocky relationship with the Chief of Staff would be a cause of some stress too. I think she is really rather funny when she gets going like she was last week!

-- amanda (, May 17, 2000.

Yes, it was rather humorous to watch, I just feel very sorry for the staff! :-) But they must be used to it by now... that's another thing, are we ever going to see a mental/emotional impact of Lucy's death on other characters besides Carter? It seems that once Lucy died everyone (besides Carter) just got on with their life a little too quickly. It's an interesting thought.

-- Marie (, May 17, 2000.

IMHO I just think Kerry's sick of the way things are sliding by in the ER. From the way Paul's case was handled (or not handled, as the case may be) by the attending's, to the most recent screw-up w/Abby & Dr. Dave. She's the boss, and if things are slipping up (policy, people dying uncessarily, lawsuit potentials, etc) the buck stops with her.

Kerry's always been organized, business-like, and budget-oriented. She saves her compassion mostly for the patients. That's why she's the ER Chief.

I'm not saying I like it all the time, but I understand it and it adds some meat to the character of Kerry. I enjoy watching Laura Innes sink her teeth into Kerry and seeing what she comes up with.

-- AmyE (, May 17, 2000.

Marie, I am REALLY hoping for a little closure with Lucy's death tomorrow night...the season finale would be an appropriate time to do it. I know she wasn't everyone's favorite, but she was to some, and since she *was* a main character for awhile, I would think they should address this. When someone you work with is brutally murdered and you have to try to save them, and it doesn't work, things aren't all just fine afterwards. Maybe it has been hard to talk about this, but it's been a few months and it's time to remember it happened. JMO.

-- Elaine (, May 17, 2000.

Kerry has always been somewhat of a hard a**...that's what makes her so great to watch. She's almost always been by the books and after defying Romano a few weeks back concerning that mentally challenged girl and getting suspended, she probably doesn't want to let anything slide by. The last thing she needs is any trouble resulting in another unpleasant encounter with Romano. Besides, she's hilarious to watch when she's in mega b*tch mode. By the way, is it just me, or has he been pleasantly absent from the ER the past couple of weeks?

-- Mandii Faris (, May 17, 2000.

I think Kerry's attitude is understandable considering that nobody in the ER seems capable of doing their jobs without screwing up or blatantly ignoring the rules. There were always "illegal procedure" and "malpractice" storylines in ER, but latetly they've been the rule not the exception. It's ridiculous.

Yes, Kerry did defy Romano a few weeks ago, but there were two mitigating circumstances. First, what she did was LEGAL. She had the approval of the social worker, the approval of the patient's family, and the best interests of the patient at heart. Second, she knew full well that she would be punished for what she did (though I imagine she didn't think it would be as serious as an indefinite suspension) and took it rather well.

I think she just expects other people to accept responsibility for their actions and mistakes, and is getting more and more annoyed by the cavalier attitude with which the rest of the staff practices medicine.

-- Lynn (, May 17, 2000.

I loved Romano's phrase "tag-team incompetence" to describe the way the ER's been run lately, and I think Kerry's getting fed up. Besides, she was severely sleep-deprived and stressed on SSS. It goes to show that the ER doesn't run smoothly without Kerry and Mark both around; without her, the ER went to pot (no forms, no supplies, no tech support); without him, she stresses out. They balance each other well.

-- Felicity (, May 17, 2000.

Just wait till they work through a week without Carol running things!

-- Deb (, May 18, 2000.

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