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I was trying to obtain a copy of the cover of the January, 1937 issue of "Railroad Stories".

A black and white rendition of this cover was printed in the book "Metropolitan Corridor" and was credited "Courtesy of Railroad Magazine" but I can't seem to track down (if you'll excuse the pun) Railroad Magazine.

Thanks for any assistance you might offer.


Kate Northcott

-- Kate Northcott (mknort), May 17, 2000


Kate - You might want to try the following source, if you want an original copy of the magazine: Paul Gibson, 11 Downingwood Drive, Franklin, Mass. 02038 Paul is on the Internet at: Paul is the only railroad magazine back issue dealer that I know. RAILROAD STORIES magazine was succeeded by RAILROAD MAGAZINE in the late 1930's. RAILROAD MAGAZINE was bought and merged with RAILFAN magazine, which is now sold on the newstands as RAILFAN & RAILROAD. Their address is Carstens Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 700, Newton, N.J. 07860-0700, and their Internet address is: or You should understand that RAILROAD STORIES was a "pulp" story magazine, similar in format to THE SHADOW and western story pulps of the era, and that the covers were paintings. Generally, in the '30's, once pulp magazines were printed the cover paintings were stored by the publisher and most were eventually destroyed. If you only want to have the magazine for personal reasons, a copy from Gibson, if he has that issue, would be your best bet. The only reason to contact RAILFAN & RAILROAD(Carstens) would be if you had some use in mind that required verification of copyright, or as a courtesy, if you wanted to reprint it.

-- Tom Underwood (, May 17, 2000.

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