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Unexpected Combination

Tabasco keeps walking util he come to the lab. He walks inside and Dadge says, "What do you want?" "I would like to combine two monsters of mine, if thats ok with you," Tabasco snorted. "Who would you like to combine?" Dadge says suprised that he back talked him. "I believe I would combine Duke and Big Blue. Duke first then Big Blue." says Tabasco. "Ok... the prospect is excelent nothing can go wrong... it would most likely be a Durahan."

So Dadge and Tabasco go to the combining place and get ready. "There, the monsters are ready to combine." Dadge is getting prepared. "I wonder how good it will be?" Tabasco curiously says. Dadge pushes the start button and the machine turns on and is about to mix the monsters. Without notice the feather flys out of Tabasco's inventory and falls to the ground. "Hey thats my feather!" Tabasco says as he watches the feather fly in the middle of the combining area. "Hey stop this thing my feather is in there." "I can't, once its going its going." Then the freezing gas came out and surrounded the glowing feather and started to become solid. The feather glowed brighter than it normaly did. Then all of the gas around it glowed. Dadge and Tabasco watch in awe as the shape starts taking shape. "What's happening?" Dadge says for he can't make out the shape. Just then a big gust of wind blew throughout the area. Dadge and Tabasco were fighting the wind when a bright light flashes throughout the area, blinding Dadge and Tabasco both. All of a sudden it gets quiet, too quiet. "What is it?" Tabasco says regaining visibility. Dadge says suprised, "I don't know! For once I don't know." The figure in front of them looked like a giant eagle on fire. "It's burning!" Tabasco yells, "What kind of monster is this thing? It can withstand fire."

Next time on The Spirit of Battle, Tabasco finds a name for the unique monster and gets a visit by a Person named Dr. Talico. Will he find out what kind of monster it is? Why does Talico come? Find out next time on The Spirit of Battle.

This is chapter 2 continued. Enjoy!

-- Aaron Guest a.k.a. Magma Bird (, May 17, 2000


OOOOoooo... suspense... maybe a Phoenix? Possibly?

-- Justice (, May 17, 2000.

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