Surrendering the keys without using the official form 17th May 2000 : LUSENET : Repossession : One Thread

I have just been forced to surrender the keys to my property after 10 years to hopefully avoid court action. The official form the Halifax sent me includes sections giving my authorisation to give them full access to my endowment policy if they wish to cash it in,authorisation allowing them to basically have full access to everything I have. My endowment currently stands at over #10,000. I am willing to deal with the shortfall after the sale of the property but they are asking me to sign everything over straight away. Do I have to by law? I have sent my own form in with all the relevent personal details and contact address and am willing to stay in touch throughout the sale process but do not want to admit liability over any financial details until the sale is completed. If anyone can give me guidance as soon as possible on the legality of the surrender forms they provide I would be very grateful.Thankyou

-- Bill Mcguinness (, May 17, 2000

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