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Being that I am/was (what's an appropriate word here?) a Lucy fan, I was thinking of how one year ago a storyline was also focusing on a drug idea, with Lucy's ritalin, though this was MUCH less extensive and severe. Carter watched Lucy all day, noticing her mood changes and the appearing and disappearing of her fatigue. Every time her energy shifted, he noticed, and he followed her persistently to find out why, and then discouraged her from "taking a stimulant". And although his naive perception of her taking ritalin was offensive to some (rightly so), it showed him as concerned for his med student (which also adds to my theory that he cared more about her than he lets on now!). In fact, most of the major drug related storylines have been related to Carter...Chase, Anna's boyfriend, Lucy's ritalin (though that was quickly dropped, thank God! Poor Kellie Martin got a crappy story there!) and it's always him who notices when no one else does(no one noticed in the family with Chase either) So this presents my theory in my title...*Carter* is the one who would notice *Carter's* (predicted) problem; ironic isn't it?

Since I'm on the topic of Lucy, I also noticed that in a small way, her teachers were reminicent of Carter's student years. Benton was always difficult to him, but he still thought he was good and had a weakness for him; Carter was rough on Lucy, but also had a connection with her and respected her (since he was very concerned with being fair to her, despite their arguing). Also, Carter had Mark and Susan to reassure him and encourage him when things got rough. Somewhat like how well Elizabeth and Benton encouraged Lucy (ironic Benton would connect with Lucy huh?). Lucy followed Carter (trying to quit ritalin due to Carter's influence) like Carter followed Benton. Too bad we cannot see the mutual respect of doctor/student that Carter and Benton finally have, that I believe Carter and Lucy would have attained also had she lived. Sorry to go on too much, I know this is more of an old discussion, but I had to share it.

-- Elaine (, May 17, 2000


Elaine, I was thinking about that last week. You are so right about Carter...especially the way he was dealing with Lucy and the ritalin. I hope he can remember what he said to her and can get some help for himself (IF he's not far gone already!) He needs to practice what he preached!!! :)

-- Joy (, May 17, 2000.

I agree with you, too, Elaine. I think that Carter will come to his senses once he hits rock bottom (which, if the previews are any indication, he'll do this week). I still miss Lucy, too. I remember hoping after "The Good Fight" that Carter and Lucy's relationship would become more mature and that they would develop a relationship much like that of Susan and Mark. I think that they would have had a great platonic relationship. Oh, well. We can't change anything about that now, can we? Only one more day until we find out what we will be worrying about all summer!

-- Katrina (, May 17, 2000.

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