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Unexpected Combination

"Hmmm... lets see if I mix a Durahan and a Baku/Jell I should most likely get a Durahan" Tabasco is saying to himself as he's walking to the lab. As he walks the bright feather glows in his inventory. All of a sudden 2 men jump out and pin Tabasco to the ground, "Give us all your gold!" they shouted. Just then the feaher glows so bright it blinds the thieves long enough for Tabasco to kick them off of him. Then Tabasco picks them up by their shirts and says, "Listen here your glad I'm not turning you into the police. Now SCRAM!!!" He throws them on the ground. They quickly get up and run. "Now lets see how did that feather glow so bright? It must be lucky... I'll keep it." Tabasco starts going to the lab once again.

I gotta go now... I know its short so I'll continue the other half Later.

-- Aaron Guest a.k.a. Magma Bird (, May 16, 2000


Good so far Magma. Just try to put the whole thing up next time.

-- Black Razor (, May 16, 2000.

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