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A few things I have noticed, after watching SSS: 1) Abby finally put her hair up!

2) Elizabeth has really been yelling at a lot of people lately!

3) Rachel Greene was actually not a brat in this episode!

4) Kerry: Amazing how she can go from being such a witch to her staff to kind and compassionate to her patients!

5) Dave: His future doesn't look too good as a Doc at County, huh?

Can somebody please explain some things to me? Or at least weigh in on how you feel? Where is this Mark/Elizabeth thing headed? Do they still have a relationship? Some people were saying in another thread that Alex Kingston might be pregnant, so if she is, what if they (TPTB) choose to have Elizabeth be pregnant...wouldn't that be just an interesting twist in their crumbling relationship...would it build it back up or drive a stake between them? And wouldn't Rachel just love Elizabeth then!

And where has Ramano been lately? Just asking.

This marked the first epi in a while that Abby hasn't gone out of her way to interfere in a patients personal life. Is it just me, or does she really have no right to do that? And I have been watching TNT reruns lately, and Carter was much more supervised, even when he was a fourth year. Abby's only a third year. You would think after the whole Lucy thing they would keep a closer eye on their med students, but the exact opposite seems to be happening! Another thing about Abby. Do the other nurses really resent her because she is going to med school?

Dave: Poor guy. But instead of just yelling at him, shouldn't someone be trying to help the guy? I mean this is supposed to be a teaching hospital, and he is just a second year resident.

Carter: BiPolar seems a little far-fetched. PTSD seems more realistic, but drug addiction also seems a possiblity. But that discussion is so old and tired I might as well let it go. But also about Carter, he is a great doctor, he really is, and I would hate to see something like PTSD ruin his career.

Luka: Is there any depth to this character? He looks good, is a good compassionate dr, and had a thing for Carol. I am aggravated with the lack of character development on this show now. Look at Luka's "big defining moment". What was that? Not much. What do we really know about any of the new characters? Cleo likes to work out and make out, Jing-Mei is competitive, Dave went to school in Grenada. Gee, this is great. Could this be due to the insane number of main characters on this show? Back at the beginning there were five or six main characters. This is getting out of hand.

Well, enough of my ranting and raving. I would really appreciate other people's opinions!

-- catherine fain (, May 16, 2000


Catherine, if you check out threads before yours, you will fine a million comments and speculations of what is going to happen this season finale and maybe some for next season.

As for Romano, haven't a slitest clue where he has been.

No, the nurses don't resent Abby for going to Med school, in my opinion anyway. I think they were all joking around.

As for the rest of the stuff, check out the other threads.

-- Paula (, May 16, 2000.

About PTSD/drug addiction ruining his career-- next year he'd be fourth year resident and up for the chief residency. I really hope he gets it and that his PTSD/other problems wont get in the way of him being one. I mean, they've been building that up for him since season 5, with him taking on ER for the day and assuming the attending position for a day. I think he'd be competent enough to hold a position like that.

-- samira (, May 16, 2000.

While we're on the topic of things we noticed, did anyone else think Luka's hair had a lot more grey in it in "Such Sweet Sorrow" than previously. I compared it to "The Fastest Year" and came to that conclusion. I'm wondering if it's been added to make his character, an attending, appear older than GV who is only 27. Or GV could be more grey and have been covering. Though that's possible at his age, I'd bet it's the other way around. It this nit-picking or what! I can't wait for the season finale...TOMORROW NIGHT! Hope there's some spoilers on AICN tomorrow morning.

-- Diana (, May 17, 2000.

I don't know about Luka's hair. But I have been very surprised when I heard that GV was only 27. I thought he was at least 32-33.

I agree with Catherine I think there are way too much characters. I don't really care about Abby, Cleo or Dave. I like Luka and Chen though. I think it was a 'transition' year (a very good year, by the way). Next season, they will probably have more time to develop the new characters. I am not very worried.

-- Delphine Kerzerho (, May 17, 2000.

So far, I think Deb is the best candidate for chief resident. She is the same level as Carter (check the NBC website) and has been much more competent than Carter this year. The last few weeks have not looked promising for John and I don't think his problems are going to be resolved by the beginning of Season 7. He is endangering himself & the lives of his patients. Whereas Deb has been the responsible one - notice she has properly sought Kerry & Mark in the past for assistance; whereas, John has been careless in taking on more than he can handle at others' expense. It would make a very interesting storyline to see the interaction between the two and how their competitiveness affects their friendship.

-- anne (, May 17, 2000.

Carter said a couple of weeks ago that he *was* the chief resident. I think it was when Kerry asked him and Dave who wanted to work an extra shift, and he said something like, "I'll do it. As chief resident, it's my responsibility."

-- Felicity (, May 17, 2000.

Carter told Malucchi he was "senior" resident. I don't think that's the same as "chief" resident. Deb is a 3rd year resident & although Carter should be a 4th year resident, I think he lost a year because he switched from surgery to emergency medicine.

-- anne (, May 18, 2000.

Oh, thanks, Anne! That clears it up for me.

-- Felicity (, May 18, 2000.

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