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Here is my new story, it has some characters from my last stories.

The Light of Life

It was a dark and foggy night, most poeple were asleep. The Shrine bell rang out 10 times, its 10:00. In the far distant there is a man running and his footsteps splash the puddles. He is wearing a black raincoat and looks like he is hiding something in his coat. He stops under an overhang long enough for him to open his coat and look inside, there is a beam of light that comes out of his coat as he opens it. He closes his coat and runs off. He runs up to the Shrine to find a sign that says, "Closed for the Night." He hears a voice in the background, "He has to be somewhere here, find him!" He then runs down the street with no hesitation until he comes upon a ranch.

The ranch sign says...

Magma Ranch: owned by Tabasco the Dragon.

He quickly runs up to the barn and quietly open the door to it and hides inside. He opens his coat and puts down the lighted thing and says, "There, you shall be safe here." He then slowly goes to the door and cracks it open. He sees the men chasing him run further down the street. As he quietly exits he says softly, "I will always be with you". He then makes his exit and runs off down the street.

The next day, Tabasco wakes up and looks around his bed. He remembers something, "Oh... today's the day I combine my 2 trained monsters to get a better one." He suddenly thinks he should clean the barn before he goes to the Lab to combine the monsters. As Tabasco opens the door to the barn he sees a bright light in the corner of the barn. He slowly walks over to it and picks it up. "What's this... some sort of feather. Well I guess it can't hurt to keep it." Tabasco says as he puts it in his inventory. Tabasco gets up and heads down the street to the Lab, "I wonder what monster I get if I mix a Durahan and a Giga Pint?"

On the next chapter of The Spirit of Battle, Tabasco combines the two monsters and gets an unusual monster he didn't expect to get.

Hoped you liked this. Tell me if its good or lame. Adios

-- Aaron Guest a.k.a. Magma Bird (, May 15, 2000


Bloodshed, please erase the one below this one okay. Please.

-- Aaron Guest a.k.a. Magma Bird (, May 15, 2000.

Alrighty then, if that sounded mean or sarcastic it's not

-- Bloodshed (, May 16, 2000.

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