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I'm heading south to check out properties in South Central Missouri/North Central Arkansas, Ozarks area. I've been searching United Country Real Estate's site, and there seems to be a lot of land down there, at what seem to be ridiculously low prices. Is there a catch? Unbearable weather, big giant bugs...? Am also wondering about banks who only grant loans based on the appraisal of say, "a house, plus 5 acres." If I decide I am more interested in living in a shack on 40 acres, rather than a decent house on 5 acres, am I going to find myself out of luck with "traditional" lenders?

-- Dawn Ricklefs (, May 15, 2000


The biggest drawback with living in the Ozarks is the lack of employment and low wages unless you are near a bigger city.The taxes are low and property is relativly inexpensive.The weather, short mild winters, long springs, hot summers and long autumns.Not many bugs but lots of snakes they don't bother people much but seem to like small farm animals. I had three black snakes after my gosslings this week.If you want more information about specific areas e-mail me and i'll try to help..............Jay

-- Jay (, May 15, 2000.

i live 50 miles east of springfield missouri and like it i am now in my 4th year. land is cheaper here because wages are low unless u want to drive at least 35miles one way to work otherwise it comes to about $6.00/hour without benifits. as i don't have a well i collect rain water for animals and plants and washing and haul water for drinking however this year i am hauling more as i have only had about 1 inch in the last 2 months normal would be about 6 inches. in regards to big bugs my biggest problem with bugs they are small for a while but they do grow on you and can get fairly large(TICKS). if you have any question feel free to e-mail me and will try to answer. gail

-- gail fick (, May 15, 2000.

Yes... property is cheap... I have 40 acres and a log cabin near Mountain View, Missouri...The real estate agent put me in touch with the bank and EVERYONE has been wonderful...I would suggest strongly you check out a publication called Ozarks Mountain Living...It's put out by all the realtors in that area, not just one and they have tons to offer, but as was said previously work is hard to find and wages are poor...Bugs ? we aint got no stinkin bugs...

-- Doc (, May 15, 2000.

We live in Newton County Arkansas, heart of the Ozarks! Just love it.I don't think you can find a prettier place anywhere! There isn't much work but people don't expect the high standard of living here. Here are a few local realators you might check.

The biggest consideration here is water. We have long dry summers. We have piped rural water but get our drinking water from a local spring. Are working on developing a small spring on our property. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions.

Kim p.s. Doc you got no bugs?? Motto here is "Keep Arkansas Beautiful, tell your neighbors up north we got real bad ticks and snakes"

-- kim (, May 16, 2000.

I think the questions about bugs and the weather are relative. I lived in Springdale Ark. about 12 years ago, got a job at $8.00 an hour to start with no experience. I eventually left, part of the reason was the bugs and the hot humid summers. No one there seemed to mind the bugs, I thought they were everywhere and everyone else didnt even seem to notice them. I was constantly searching my body for chiggers and ticks because I spent alot of time outside on horseback. The first time I ever saw a roach was there and it was in someones house, it completely freaked me out (I was 18).

I think the area is probably the prettiest I've ever seen and the people are definately the nicest anywhere. Its very lush, and I didnt think the summer was dry, just humid and HOT. The snakes were another problem, always had to watch the swimming holes for water moccasins and cotton mouths, one more reason for me to always be in panic mode.

I prefer no bugs or water snakes, and low humidity, but for sheer beauty (and low costs) I dont think you can beat it.

-- Julie (, May 16, 2000.

Dawn, Try I found a 95 acre listing for 39,900. They also have some really big parcels. They don't always tell you the town nearby, but I think most are southern Missouri. Good luck! Carol

-- Carol (, May 18, 2000.

Also thinking about moving to MO - but most Ozark public schools were a real problem - rundown, poor, old books, not very "enlightened" or flexible in teaching approach, little or no LD classroom support, little tech trainign for teachers. Litter a BIG problem if that bothers you - they have beautiful state but no one seems to care about keeping it clean. Water is a problem - having 2nd yr. of drought so low watertable. LIke everyplace it has it + and -. Land is cheap, wages low, people nice, HUMID, hot, bugs, snakes. I havenot decided - lets watch the responses further.

-- E. Keele (, May 20, 2000.

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