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I noticed in the previews for this week that the confrontation between Carter and Benton seems to take place after dark and therefore probably near the end of the show. It occurred to me that Benton may very well be the logical person to actually reach Carter. Carter has always admired and respected Benton, and Benton saved his life when he was injured. Benton, in turn, has always had a soft spot (tinged with exasperation at times) for Carter.

Benton may have gone looking for Carter, and finding him, may try to reason with him. Unfortunately, Carter has not been in the reasoning mood for some time. Benton may attempt to restrain him and Carter lashes out. Carter striking anyone, especially Benton, may be what causes him to snap and finally break down and ask for help. Who better to help him than his teacher, mentor and now friend.

Do I have a vivid imagination, or what? Anyone care to speculate?

-- Nancy Wilson (, May 15, 2000


I agree with you. Ever since Be Patient and Under Control, I've been waiting for some real Benton - Carter interaction. Benton seems like the kind of person who could get through to Carter, since Carter would actually listen to him. It would also mean a lot to Carter if his former teacher and his mentor would notice what he's going through. Somehow, with everyone's concern combined, Carter would probably respond to Benton.

There's been something that's nagging me and irritating me about Benton. Wasn't he Carter's doctor post-opertively? When I had a knee surgery done, the doctor who did my surgery was in charge of my recovery post-op. So where the hell is Benton making sure his patient is all right, especially if Carter may be self-medicating if he's in pain? Just curious.

I also wonder whatever happened to the fact that Carter was supposed to be writing prescriptions for Benton. Perhaps, somehow, Carter got some extra pain-meds for himself (or whatever) while writing prescriptions for Benton, and the confrontation we saw was about that? I don't think the writers just stuck that scene in there for us to see Romano's wrath and the path for a kissing scene between Benton and Cleo. There has got to be a more substancial, multi-faceted reason for that scene. (And the way Carter grinned when he heard he was to write the prescriptions.)

Whatever it is, I think that Benton would be the ideal person to talk with Carter. They've both known each other for a long time now, and Carter may be able to confide in him. The other thing I would like to see happen is that Carter and Benton become more like *equals*. I remember the scene in When the Bough Breaks when Benton told Carter to stop asking him for approval. Perhaps this incident makes them really like friends and colleagues.

-- samira (, May 15, 2000.

So where the hell is Benton making sure his patient is all right, especially if Carter may be self-medicating if he's in pain? Just curious. ------------- I've been thinking the same thing, Amira!! When he was scolding Luka about "treating & streeting" patients, I was so frustrated because that's pretty much how he treated Carter (of all people)!

-- anne (, May 15, 2000.

Sorry! I meant "samira"! :(

-- anne (, May 15, 2000.

I've been saying that my money is on Kerry, but you know, I think you guys may be right. We haven't seen Kerry in any of the previews, and as one of Carter's supervisors, she'd probably be the last person he would go to. Carter's always been overly concerned about looking good to his superiors. Benton, no longer his superior, would be a more logical choice. Chen, a peer, would be more logical still. HOWEVER, given Carter's history with both Chen and Benton, I'm frankly, stumped. Maybe, you think it'll be a combo of both?

-- S. Trelles (, May 15, 2000.

As much as I would love to see Carter open up to Benton this season finale, I don't believe we shall be that lucky just yet. The way I see events unfolding is Carter attacking Benton and then taking off, leaving us hanging as to exactly what happens to Dr. Carter. I believe ER will go out this year with a stunning cliffhanger involving Carter, leaving us, it's poor fans, sitting at home biting our nails all summer, unsure of the fate of our dear Dr. Carter.

-- Mandii Faris (, May 16, 2000.

Mandii, unfortunately, I agree with you there. Not that I don't want this great storyline to continue into next season, but I would like "a little" closure/good thoughts for Carter. Maybe with the idea that they've gotten through to him, but it will be a long road to recovery. It seems this Carter/Benton confrontation may happen at the end, since it seems to be after their shift. People have been speculating (tabloids included) that everyone will worry that he has committed suicide (even though he probably won't). I thought that was totally ridiculous, but I also thought that a lot of the things they said that turned out to be true were ridiculous. And after last week, I can actually see their overactive concern. I still don't think it will happen, but you never know. Anyways, I could care less right now if Kerry confronts him, not that I don't like her, I just think it would be more exciting to see Benton, Jing Mei, Mark, or even Dr. Dave get to him.

-- Elaine (, May 16, 2000.

I think it will be a combination of several people that will wind up helping Carter the most. I will find it more believable and interesting if it is Kerry/Benton/Mark that do most of the helping. I don't really care to see Chen or Malucci helping Carter out. Carter has a history with Kerry/Benton/Mark. I also think that they will be the ones who keep a close eye on Carter while he is finally being treated for his PTSD and other problems. I definitly picture Kerry and Mark watching Carter very closley early in season seven when he returns to work. I think it will be one of of them who eventually gives Carter more responsibility and let him run a trauma again so he does not lose his confidence in his abilities and gets too frustrated risking him have a set back. They may even have Luka , as an attending, help out with this supervision, but I personally hope they don't show that too much. I would prefer Carter get the most help from the people he has known for the past six years.

-- Brenda (, May 16, 2000.

Just a thought here, but what if it is Luka who can help Carter? After all, Luka has been through a war, I am sure he has had some form of PTSD (i.e. the war and losing his family) and although we don't know if he was attacked, etc. during the war, that would still be very real.

I agree though, that Benton, and Mark should also help him.

-- Laura (, May 16, 2000.

Hmmm, I never consider that possibility Nancy!! You might have something there. The whole Carter/Benton thing always struck me as humorous. At first I thought Benton was a bully who abused his seniority rights and was really mean to Carter, but then I saw the softer side of Benton and I think even though he's always been tough on Carter, that's the way Benton is with everybody, really. Only a few times do his emotions actually get the best of him, and although I have to wonder if he will be the one to help Carter out, I can see him as playing the role. He's known Carter a long time and would be the most unlikely but probable candidate... sorry this is so long, just a couple miscellanious thoughts. Thanks for your time :-) Also, a combination of people might be good. Although we haven't seen much concern for Carter from the rest of the staff lately, I do think they care about him and want him to get better. I hope they emphasize that more, that would be nice to see the big-brother/sister approach from the staff. Just throwing that out there!

-- Marie (, May 16, 2000.

I forgot to mention earlier that Kerry is in the preview for the finale.








If you look at the preview where Carter is kicked off the gurney , you will notice Kerry at the other end appearing to be losing her balance. She may fall to the ground as well.

-- Brenda (, May 16, 2000.

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