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Are you into football? Which team do you support? What sports are you into generally? Have you ever witnessed any momentous sporting victories?

-- Tim (tim@newmail.net), May 15, 2000


I've never bothered with football. Note this is not the same as not liking it - if I ever bothered to sit down and actually watch a match, I daresay I would enjoy it, I just don't bother with it. My mother is a tennis freak, so we watch a lot of tennis in our house and I like that (men's: Thomas Enqvist; ladies: Martina Hingis) but my real, big passion sportswise is Formula 1 motor racing. The speed, the skill, the excitement - I don't know another sport on earth which can beat it. Certainly not the pathetic Indycar, a poor imitation if ever I saw one. As for momentous sporting victories, part of my 18th birthday present last year was a trip to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, where I saw David Coulthard win his home race and Michael Schumacher, who I dislike, break his leg. So that was very satisfying.

About the Times thing, I personally don't like it. For me, Helvetica is easier to read (are your previous entries in Helvetica, or do I just get that because it's the default and I only have about 6 fonts on this computer??) But you don't have to listen to me - but you knew that anyway, right??

-- Helen (breathe@oceanic.nu), May 15, 2000.

I love American football, in fact its the only sport I'll actually watch. Of course, I'm not a fanatic.. I mean I only watch the home team, the 49ers, and if I miss a game I dont spend hours crying my eyes out, and I definately dont tape record games.

I mean whats the point of tape recording a game. When I know who's won, what do I need to see it for.

As for the Times.. I personally find Verdana easier on the eyes. But it's up to you. If you make the font bigger it will have the same effect of making your entries look longer. Just remember its not about the length, its about the content... dont let them make fun of you for lack of length. :)

Greg @ Commixion

-- Greg Barber (cheesewiz@gbdesigns.com), May 15, 2000.

Even though I live in the East, I somehow find Manchester United the best. These football clubs are the football I have in my life. Hmm. Maybe it's just David Bekham (well, not after his hair cut).

Anyway. Liverpool isn't bad too.

-- Neha (neha@acidshine.com), May 16, 2000.

Of course, I'm going to answer this by american standards and think you are talking about american football. I might be a chick, but I love playing football. I spent all last summer trying my damndest to tackle (or hold back for 2 seconds) a 250 pound guy that was playing center. Me weighing in at about 115 means I have about 0 effect on him, but I continued playing the entirety of the summer nonetheless. (Soccer's not my bag baby, I'm sorry.)

-- Denise - I'm a yank (little_wiseman@hotmail.com), May 16, 2000.

I HATE football, whether we're referring to American football or soccer. I'm all about rugby!!

-- becca (mmi@home.com), May 16, 2000.

I love hockey!

-- Petra (Petra.Juden@thespark.com), May 23, 2000.

Yes. i'm a hardcore fan of football.i love watching,playing and talking about football.i'll never get my eye away football. My favorite team is Man.United(club)and Argentina(country) i ve the passion for playing football.i'm in fo my college team. i also play badminton. of course.the Man.United victory over Real Madrid in the champions league final.(1999)

-- zanngasung w s (asung_shimray@yahoo.com), February 02, 2001.

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