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I've made sound recordings on a Sony mini disc recorder to accompany a photo story that I am working on. I want to transfer M.D. digital sound files to my IMac and can't seem to find the proper connection cable. It appears that this process is controlled due to copyright concerns of Sony and Apple, yet this would be simple if I was working from a CD. Anyone familiar with this problem and or/ possible solutions. See images from this story: Black Jews of Africa, at Thanks for comments and sugge

-- richard sobol (, May 15, 2000


I was able to capture sound files as AIFFs on my Mac only after installing Peak. Peak is a two-channel audio software. My 8600 has audio/visual in and out, but i think you can do it by going from headphone minipin on MD to External mike minipin on your Imac. But you will need a way to record the audio from the MD. Thats where Peak comes in, it allows you to "hit the record button" then hit play on the MD. You can then save the file as an AIFF or as a QuickTime file from there. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

-- Paul Buck (, May 18, 2000.

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