'Twas The Night To Watch ER

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"Twas the night to watch ER as I sat on my couch, Not a creature was stirring, except my husband the grouch; The tv was blaring there was excitement in the air, In hopes that Doug Ross might possibly be there; The children were sleeping all snug in their beds, Had they woke up I would've knocked off their heads; (kidding!) With me in my curlers and popcorn in my lap, I had just settled down from a long day of crap; When out from the kitchen there rose such a clatter, I just thought to myself,"Now what the hell's the matter!?" So up from my couch I flew like a bat, Got distracted by the tv when someone yelled, "STAT!" When what to my wondering eyes should appear, But my fat, lazy husband asking to get him a beer; With ER begining I had to be quick, And all I kept thinking was,"Could you be more of a d__k!?" More rapid than eagles in Kerry came, And she whistled and shouted and called them by name; "Now Carter! Now Carol! Now Deb and Malucci! On Abby! On Peter! On Mark and Jerry???" (didn't ryme but thought it was funny:) To the top of the halls! To the top of the stairs! "Can't you idiots see people waiting in chairs!?!" Jing-Mei is upset and knows something is awry, I think I just saw a "whirling dervish" go by! So here comes Carol with babies Tess and Kate, And who should be waiting but Luka, is it fate? (I think not!) And then in a twinkling I thought about Doug, "Man, you better come get your woman...don't be a thug!" And before I knew it...I had just turned around, Out the ER doors Carol came with a bound; She was still in her scrubs from her head to her foot, I wondered, "What happened! Did Kerry give her the boot!?" A bundle of clothes she had thrown in a sack, I knew this was it, she just wouldn't be back; His eyes how they twinkled, his dimples how merry, Maybe Carol could ask Doug if he has seen Jerry! He's dressed in flannel, gettiing ready to row, And the beard on his chin was as white as the snow; (and looking pretty scruffy if ya ask me!:) The stump of a smoke he held tight in his teeth, Oh wait that was Carter! What's going on...Good grief!! :( He was tall, dark, and handsom,a right fine-looking elf, And I cheered when I saw him, in spite of myself; The gleam in Carol's eye showed she really loved this dude, Soon gave me to know that poor Luka was screwed! He spoke not a word (Almost!) and gave her a hug, I knew at that moment he wasn't a thug. And so that was it, we'll just have to guess, What the hell happened to twins Kate and Tess!?(And Jerry!) But I heard Kerry exclaim when she learned of Carol's plight, "Get to work people! What a f____ng night!"

Just something I thought up to pass the time :) Forgive the typos and punctuations...I'm not a poet, just passing time! Take care all! :)

-- Joy (joijoy@webtv.net), May 15, 2000


My feelings exactly! You didn't go too far, The highs and the lows of last week's "E. R.";

Joy, as your name, you have made me quite merry, And I'm with you, "where's our dear Jerry?"

-- Roxanne (calico_cat@hotmail.com), May 15, 2000.

Joy, that was great!!!

-- amanda (amanda.rehm@home.com), May 15, 2000.

Joy, that was really funny!!! It is nice to be reading this stuff to pass our day along, 4 more days we all have to wait!!

-- Paula (pbranden@dwave.net), May 15, 2000.

What an adorable poem! Thank you so much for sharing, Joy! I'm the only one in the universe who didn't like this episode, so thank you for giving me something to enjoy!!

-- Annie (GoldenLaur@aol.com), May 15, 2000.

LOL! Great poem!!

-- Barb (barbelaine@hotmail.com), May 15, 2000.

How cute, that was great!! :-)

-- Arianne (CarolRossSusanGreene@yahoo.com), May 15, 2000.

hahahaha how did you ever think of that?! It's great! thanks!

-- Lauren Keeler (ldk83@yahoo.com), May 15, 2000.

Loved the poem joy. Haven't seen the epi here in dear little England but love all the comments. Only 10 days to go now!!!!!

-- helenmayne (helenmayne@compuserve.com), May 15, 2000.


-- Katie (CarolRossMD@aol.com), May 15, 2000.

OMG joy!!! you are becoming a poet!!! LOL that was a good one!

-- ALexis Springer (lexicat1@webtv.net), May 19, 2000.

IT waz fuckin gay!!!

-- Kyle,French (badadam70@hotmail.com), May 04, 2001.

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