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Julianna says something at the very end of the scene when George Clooney lifts her up. After watching it over and over again on tape I think she says something like "That's right" but I can't quite make out what she says. I really don't think it was scripted. Maybe George whispers to her something like "We really pulled it off, right?" Anyone who has the tape please watch it again and listen very closely at the end and let me know what you think.

Wow what a great ending though. I can only imagine when the TPTB at NBC found out that George made a surprise appearance. Imagine the choice words they had for John Wells. Let's see what next week brings.

-- Kathy (, May 14, 2000


Oh wow, I didn't catch that. I'm definately going to watch that over again!! :-)

-- Arianne (, May 14, 2000.

Boy, the camera seems to be pulling away when he lifts her up so it is hard to tell. Right when she's up by his head (!) she kisses it, but that's all I see her doing with her mouth.

Everyone I've talked to loved the scene, so dispite not being able to promote the heck out of it, I am sure NBC is pleased with the reaction.


-- Kim (, May 14, 2000.

I did watch that scene many times without hearing a thing but, after reading this, I did again that time listening to see if she was talking. I could swear I heard Carol's voice, saying "That's right" just as you said. But you have to listen carefully. We don't have any indications to why she would be saying that. Maybe she is just stating that What she is doing, her beeing with Doug, is right. One can only guess.

-- Manon (, May 14, 2000.

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