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I think the Japanese/English translators who worked on MR2 did a shoddy job of it. I was flipping through the monster cards I have earned in my game, and noticed several really bad mistakes. Go read the Balon card! It says something like "Due to its solitary nature most people doesn't keep it." How bad can it get? Has anyone else noticed this???

-- Justice (, May 14, 2000


I have noticed that too.

-- Aaron Guest a.k.a. Magma Bird (, May 14, 2000.

Not just monster rancher, so many games come out of Japan with horrible translations. It's worse when they translate RPG's poorly. The only game company that I know does great translations is Working Designs, otherwise known as the gift from god company.

-- Black Razor (, May 14, 2000.

"I wonder it bud the flower?" Colt said that to me one time when I was growing my mock.

-- War Motimon (, May 16, 2000.

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