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Hi, I've installed the script which I find really great but there are a few problems:

1 - the order is not processed - after clicking on "Purchase items in cart" and filling in the form I'm redirected to the same page with the cart review

2 - the shopping cart retains previous orders - I still have to get the cookie.lib but can anyone assure me cookies are the best way to make sure the cart is properly and automatically cleared every time one user returns to the shop?

3 - no email sent - this is a problem due to the server I think - it's NT and uses BLAT which is a nightmare for any CGI script to work! I tried using "SMTP:localhost" as $mailprog but don't know if this work since the order isn't even processed!

4 - I'm looking for a date fix for the Y2K - I found a post here but the link was wrong - so I still need a fix for the date

5 - how do I use both shipping by weight and multiship? do they work together?

6 - how do I add payment by check or money order - can it just be added in the order form or do I need to add somethign to the .cgi script as well?

7 - is it possible to calculate shipping by country?

That's all - the latter are more like requests than problems, the main issues are the first 4 points.

oh also one last thing -- I need to implement this with a credit card verification script I have already - anyone could help me combine the two?

If I managed to solve all of this, then I'd have the perfect cart!

Willing also to pay a fee if someone takes up the job of helping me configure the whole thing.

Any help and suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Just email me and I'll send you the url and the configured the scripts if you can help me - thanks!!

-- Molly (ka@login.it), May 14, 2000


Hi Molly,

Refering to question 1. I found this problem and found that it did not necessarily happen in both Netscape and internet explorer. By fiddling I could get it it to work in either one but not both. The way that I got round it was ( thought I 'm not sure that it is really the proper answer ) was to add a <\FORM> early on in the actaully order form.

What was happening was that a form had been left open in the page being generated and therefore the submit order button referred back to the review cart command.

Give it a try. I hope that it works for you.

All the best


2. I haven't managed to get cookies working ( yet ) but I noticed have that someone else had answered the question about extraneous items in the cart, although I haven't tried it myself. If you search the smart.cgi and find "else { &show_store; }". Block this line by adding a # at the front. I say I haven't experienced this problem so cannot say whether it is a fix or not but try it out.

-- Rufus biggs (rufus.biggs@m-audio.co.uk), June 06, 2000.

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