What about homesteading in Saskatchewan? (or MT, ND or SD)

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We currently Live in western Montana on 10 acres. Land prices are high here and population is on the rise. We are looking for a farm in the northern states, MT, ND, or SD. In our search we found that Sask. has cheap farm land and taxes not too bad. Does anyone have any input or helpful ideas about moving north into Canada? Does anyone know of a farm for sale in one of the above states in the $125,000 range?

-- Kirk Holter (kholter@cyberport.net), May 14, 2000


Response to What about homesteading in Saskatchewan?

kirk i don't know if you have to have the lack of people or not but if you have $125,000 for land you might want to consider missouri in many locations you could possibly get 2-300 acres. because with the projected grow of the populations anywhere you go people will be followin. maybe by getting a larger track of land you could surround yourself with land as insulation against to close of neighbors or maybe sell smaller parcels to others with the countryside life style. i know that the place i bought my land from has properties which they have placed restrictions on which you could do to insure that the land you sell would be in uses you would approve. maybe i am just rambling away but it is something you might consider. wish my spell check worked on this forum but hope you can get my meaning. a cup of coffee would also help. did get the goat milked and chores done. gail

-- gail (gef123@hotmail.com), May 14, 2000.

Response to What about homesteading in Saskatchewan?

Kirk, Dignam Corp. sells Canadian land and has all the info about Americans moving to Canada. It is my understanding that you cannot buy more than 40 acres until you have lived there for 2 years but I could be completely wrong. Dignam has a web site, BTW Canadian land is super cheap compared to the states.

-- Julie (juliecapasso@aol.com), May 14, 2000.

Response to What about homesteading in Saskatchewan?

Kirk -- we're in Saskatchewan. You can easily check out land in SK on www.mls.ca...then choose Saskatchewan as the province. If you're looking for flat, featureless farmland, look in the SW or SE of the province. There IS a lot of land, but I don't know where you got the impression that taxes are low...I guess I'd have to know what you were paying stateside to compare.

We are looking at a bit of a dusty summer up here. I've never heard of restrictions on amount of land you're able to buy...doesn't sound like a very Canadian kind of thing. Saskatchewan has more lakes than any other province in the country, but they're all in the north, on the Boreal Shield. The population of the province is just a little over one million, with two 'major' airports -- Regina and Saskatoon. We have a lot of native reserve land (i.e., you can't buy in many areas), and as a rule, we pretty much get ignored by the Feds...especially when it comes to them anteing up cash for roads or civic improvement. There are a lot of beautiful provincial parks, and 'heritage' means more than 'history' here. If you are considering it, Tourism Saskatchewan (on the net) provides info packages to those who request.

Would I live here if I had the choice? Probably not. I'm originally from Ontario, and the lushness you find there simply is not here. Coming from Montana (???) you probably wouldn't see much of a difference in the landscape.

If you need any specific questions answere, feel free to email me.

-- Tracy (trimmer@westzone.com), May 14, 2000.

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