What's something stupid YOU have done?

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Make me feel better. What's something stupid YOU have done?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), May 13, 2000


Lightning. Lightning all around. We're in a ghost town. Twelve are huddled in an abandoned outhouse because the lightning is hitting the ground literally inches from where we are standing. Where am I? Outside taking a picture of 12 people huddled in an outhouse hiding from the lightning.

Feel better now?

-- Bev Sykes (basykes@dcn.davis.ca.us), May 14, 2000.

The occasional habit of locking my car keys in the car when I am in a hurry. Locksmiths are just about as expensive at taxi rides.

-- Denver doug (ionoi@webtv.net), May 14, 2000.

My ultimate moment of stupidity came when I took a backward step off a two story house (mine - we were shingling the roof). I had been up on that roof for two days..and I just plain forgot that I was in a dangerous place.

That moment of stupidity cost me my physical mobility, the ability to run the six miles a day I'd jogged up til then, and a number of other things I'll never be able to do again. I broke my wrist, my ankle, my heel, three spinal vertabre, my tailbone, and bruised the heel of the other foot.

The thought I had just before I fell ('Hey, it's not that far down. I won't get hurt.") is one of those moments of such pure stupidity that I can neverstop wanting to go back in time and change it.

My other monumental moment of stupidity came on a day that I turned my back for twenty secondson my toddler, and she fell into a swimming pool. I was right in that water a split second later, but the mental image of her looking up at me in panic from under all that water, is one that will stay stamped in my brain forever.

Two stellar moments in my life that I wish I could take back.

-- Terri (seventhsister_2000@yahoo.com), May 14, 2000.

Got another one for you, Al. It was nearly 30 years ago. We were selling our house and I was upstairs in the attic the day before an open house. I was straddling the beams on the attic floor when my foot slipped off and landed on the material between the beams. I saw light coming through the hole my foot made and when I bent down to see where it was coming from I saw...the living room. I had put my foot through the ceiling. I had to call the realtor, cancel the open house, and Walt had to literall scrape paint off the inside of paint cans to cover the repaired section of ceiling to avoid having to repaint the entire living room. That truly was my finest hour.

-- Bev Sykes (basykes@dcn.davis.ca.us), May 15, 2000.

I've never, ever done anything stupid. Like, last week I didn't run out of gas on my way to work after driving by a gas station because it looked too busy. Nope, not me.

-- Dave Van (davevan01@hotmail.com), May 16, 2000.

Me neither, Dave. It must have been two OTHER guys...---Al

-- Al Schroeder (aschroeder@comdata.com), May 16, 2000.

Let's just say I have a fancy new car that beeps when you leave the keys in the ignition, and beeps when you leave the headlights on. The perfect car for me. Now if only the car would beep when I left the keys on the seat.....

-- AJ (joijoijoi@hotmail.com), May 17, 2000.

how about going for a walk while in labor and getting back and realizing the keys are in the locked house. My husband wouldnt be home for five hours and this was before cell phones became popular. I decided nine months pregnant to climb the fence! I broke the gate using the handle as a foot hold, and fell over the other side, that goodness I had a beautiful little girl.

-- s e h (seh@ticnet.com), October 21, 2000.

When I was 13 I broke into my school for no good reason. Then the police came and I hurried away on my bike. I guess one of them saw me as I was about a block away. He yelled and got into his car. I rode my bike into someone's backyard and hid with it in the creek. I then went running across a cow field (with cows in it) To the fair grounds where I hid up in the bleachers, only to encounter a homeless man who tried to approach me. That sure scared me!! So I screamed and ran out of there as quick as I could. To this day, I cannot go anywhere at night alone unless it is well lit and I can see a good distance around me. Some idiot I was hu? Now I am a pre-Med student at UC Davis. Go figure.

-- Sammy H. (happydude@hotmail.com), February 22, 2001.



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