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Did anyone else notice when Abby found out that the day was the 11th, she said she thought "Today was going to be a bad day, but it might be good after all."? And Malucci said something like the moons lined up with Jupiter and she said " nothing like that". I think that she might have been referring to her "soon-to-be ex-husband". It could be something they slipped in very quietly to see if anyone noticed. Just wanted to let everyone know.

-- Stephanie (, May 13, 2000


I noticed that too, and I was really hoping they were going to do something with it, or at the very least explain it. When Abby first arrived, there was a lot of talk about her divorce but no real conclusion. It kind of ticked me off, because you'd think with all this focus on the characters' personal lives the writers would take every chance they got to run it into the ground. That comment of hers could signify that they're bringing it up again, but if that's the case I don't really understand the two-month delay in the continuation of the story. "Treat and street" seems to apply pretty well to the writers' usual policy about subplots. A little foreshadowing, a dramatic scene or two, and bam! They never have to bring it up again. Abby's had a couple of meaningful phone conversations and a couple of "parallel plot" patients, but I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one who feels like they were leading up to something bigger. We'll see what happens next week/season (how long does a divorce take anyway?)

-- Julia (, May 13, 2000.

Divorce takes a while. It depends on the situation, but a friend I know waited a couple of months before her official divorce papers came through. Mark's divorce took a long time, if I remember. There's a lot of time involved because of communication between the two parties involved. I too was hoping they would bring some conclusion to the Abby storyline; maybe it will continue later on.

-- samira (, May 13, 2000.

I thought perhaps it was her anniversary or something.

-- joy (, May 15, 2000.

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