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Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with the hall button circuit of a MCE controller. I have a 5 landing hydro that will not answer the down hall call at the 4th landing. I have replaced the triacs once before for that call. This were modernized from a Dover. I have a good earth ground to my controller (1). Any input would be appreciated. GG

-- Grey Ghost (, May 13, 2000



GG: Can you place the call from the contoller? Fred

-- Fred Baltes (, May 13, 2000.

MCE Hall calls

Thanx for replying Fred. No, you cannot set up call from controller either.

-- Grey Ghost (, May 14, 2000.

not latching...

The c.p.u. is not receiving the failure or open wire or not latching the output..module.

-- Joe M... (, May 13, 2000.

not latching...

Thanx for replying Joe. I will check that wire, but I have gone thru the contact on that button. This problem just appeared, it worked properly for awhile. Thanx

-- grey Ghost (, May 14, 2000.

MCE 2nd

GG: Tried to e-mail you. Yahoos mailer won't accept messages to your online name. It sounds like your problem is internal. MCE has improved their support services drasticly in recient years. They are located near Sacramento, CA. They will want a job number. Great Elevating, Fred

-- Fred Baltes (, May 14, 2000.

Call not seen

did you replace the resistor fuse for the call?

-- Amarnauth Appana (, May 15, 2000.

MCE techsupport 1-800-444-7442. They are fantastic people to deal with! They WILL want a Job # located on silver tag in controller.

-- Don Davis (, March 11, 2003.

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