what is bipolar?

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What is bipolar? My medical knowledge is zero. Please help, as i've heard carter might have it! Thanks

-- bubble gal (bubble_bath67@hotmail.com), May 13, 2000


Hey, Bubble Gal, does that mean you like gum or live in one? :)

Bipolar is a condition treated by the mental illness field. It used to be called Manic Depressive. The patient has periods of extreme highs and ones of extreme lows, but doesn't live in the middle where most of us spend our lives. There's various forms apparently as I've learned in other threads here. The treatment used to be a carefully regulated dosage of lithium, but that might have changed now too. This is just very general background. Look below for other threads mentioning Carter and/or Carter and bipolar and read there for more information that is very detailed, as well as reasons people here think he does or doesn't have it. Post-traumatic stress is mentioned there too and discussed as a possible alternative solution for his behavior as well as drug abuse and/or addiction.

-- Diana (dilynne@juno.com), May 13, 2000.

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