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Something YOU Can Do

We're all frustrated by the refusal of Congress to address the illegal activities of the IRS against the American people. In November of 1997, Congress held "hearings" on the IRS and paraded, for all the world to see, the carcasses of bloodied Americans, victims of the IRS. What was the result? Nothing. Almost a year and a half later and what's been done? Nothing. Some smokescreen called "Taxpayer's Bill of Rights" by Jim Traficant was passed into law to pacify the desperate. New lies to cover old lies. Not the truth, Mr. Traficant, just new lies to cover up the old ones.

The Republicans have had control of Congress since January of 1995 and they have allowed this thievery by the IRS to continue for another four years. Why? Ignorance is the biggest reason since most of Congress are little more than robots with their only concern of the day being how to continue raising money to get "reelected." Oh, they put on a grand show for public consumption about how they care about you and me but only a person in a complete state of denial can continue to support that blarney.

Of course, the other big reason is a former member of Congress by the name of George Hansen. He is the bloodied, beat-up poster boy for the IRS and they aim this poster directly at Congress to remind them what will happen if they should decide to come clean with the American people. The state legislatures are little better since they tie their state personal income tax to the federal swindle. It's just one gigantic lie and it's up to US to expose it.

Those who have spent years studying this issue know that the IRS and the privately owned "Federal" Reserve are married. Without this private banking system draining the life blood of America, there would be no need for this "income tax." It isn't a complicated issue once one understands the function of these two entities. Unfortunately, the majority of the American people don't understand and the government's media apparatus isn't about to tell them the truth. They only parrot what comes down from Olympus and their money gods.

Millions of Americans no longer volunteer into this IRS hoax, but about 110 million others are forced to for a variety of reasons: fear, ignorance or a sense of helplessness. People should fear these dragoons and henchmen who do the dirty work of the IRS. However, this April 15th we have a wonderful opportunity to plant the seed of a giant oak in the minds of the American people. This year, we have our own poster boy and his name is Joseph Banister.

If you aren't familiar with this courageous individual, you can find information on my web site [] or Joe's at I am not an agent for Joe, I do not represent him in any capacity other than we're both working for the same thing: truth and stopping the destruction of our Republic. I will never make a penny from my association with Joe Banister. I worked with him for well over a year before he went public and believe me, it wasn't easy to keep all this to myself, but loose lips sink ships and it was critical to remain silent until he was ready to go public.

It takes time to grow a giant oak tree but first you have to plant the seed so it can grow. I planted the seed in Joe's mind that maybe, just maybe, there was something more to what kooks like me were saying. So, he did his homework. Not everyone has a computer, as a matter of fact, you'd be surprised how many people don't have them and how many people just don't want to learn these frustrating programs.

We need to reach out to people and one way is to order my booklets and hand them out to anyone and everyone that will take them. Over the past six years, whenever I travel, I stop and get gas at a truck stop. I leave a dozen of each one on the tables in the trucker's lounges. Do you know that I've had people in Arizona, Oregon and other states try to hand me my own Bankrupt America booklet and ask me to read it. It's always fund when I whip out my driver's license! Anyway, we can't just let the American people pay up today and then forget about the IRS for the rest of the year.

This is the opportunity for you to make a difference with a small investment of time and a couple of bucks. I have prepared a one-page flyer, ***double sided,**** that you can download and make a dozen copies or 50, 100, however many you think you can hand out. When you're out in public, at a meeting, any time the opportunity presents itself, give one out. At the most, it might cost you $7-10 bux to print a hundred of these but just think of how many people we can reach this way!

This is your chance to help make a difference. People are terrified of the IRS and Congress is terrified of the IRS and the bankers. Knowledge is power but only if it's shared. America is our land, our country. It doesn't belong to David Rockefeller, the Rothschild Dynasty or Queen Elizabeth and it's time we show them our resolve to reject their new world order mechanisms. The IRS/FED is the head of the beast. It is where the Masters of the Game get the money to buy our politicians. It is how they are breaking the backs and the spirit of the American people by keeping us in financial slavery while controlling our economy and thus, controlling our destiny. We must turn that around before it's too late and I for one and sick and tired of having other people trying to control my life and turn me into a "world citizen." No way, no how.


This flyer is to help disseminate to our fellow Americans that the IRS has been lying to them and misapplying Title 26 to triple digit millions of unsuspecting Americans. It is hoped that those who receive this flyer will take the time to obtain Joe Banister's report, do their homework and then demand that Congress not only stop this out of control agency - but demand they get rid of it and the un-Federal Reserve. Let them know that you know the truth and you're not going to sit still for it one more minute.

Let them know you're going to work to restore the integrity of our election system and then you're going to go out and make sure they get thrown out of office. If you live in a state that allows recall of your state legislators on a signature drive, let these guys know you've had it and you're going to lead the recall drive to throw their lying backsides out of office. This is the only thing they fear and if they "felt your pain" or cared about you, all this fraud and lying would be a thing of the past.

By the way, forget the establishment media or as I like to say, those who print all the news that fit to fake. They will continue to prostitute themselves for their fat paychecks and if they wanted America to know the truth about what's really going on, they would have told people by now. Patronize independent news sources and let market forces do the rest. The is the only language they understand is the bottom line and they won't react until this is greatly disturbed.

This effort is not an attempt to tell or encourage everyone to immediately stop filing their "income tax" returns. Why?

- Unless a person has spent a great deal of time researching this maze of carefully crafted lies from the IRS, and

- Unless they have an employer who fully understands the entire picture, if they jump ahead and stop filing, make no mistake, Y2K or not, the IRS will come after you. They will come after you, just the same as they my husband and I, with the full might and power of the criminal federal government and few are equipped to handle this kind of nightmare. On their heels will be the equally draconian state income tax agencies and they have proven to be even more ruthless than the "Feds." The law is just something that gets in their way that they treat like dust on a table.

That's not to say that a person shouldn't follow their conscious. That's not to say there aren't double digit millions of people who no longer file because the figure is actually about 40%. My good bud at the Taxpayer's Association in Florida, Curtis Holmes, informed me recently that Congressman Bill Archer admitted in a letter to him that 40% of Americans no longer bother to file - pfft! 40% have said, forget it.

There is no way the IRS can possibly chase down this number of non-filers. There aren't enough CID [Criminal Investigative Division] employees and now there's one less since Joe Banister left! But, as I said, some will get the attention of the IRS right away - especially if you have a steady work history with an established corporation; others will skate for awhile. The key is to get our election system straightened out so we can get the right people elected to Congress who have the stones to stand up to the bankers.

Equally important is to throw out our state legislators and county recorders who allow these illegal activities by the IRS to go on. This won't happen until priorities v. importance kicks in and we tackle these issues top to bottom, critical to those that can wait. Stopping the draining of America's lifeblood and forcing us to fund our own destruction is second only to restoring the integrity of the ballot box. It does no good to keep asking the same old recycled politicians who have said no for their entire tenure in office to stop this fraud.

Additionally, it is critical for employers across this country to learn what the laws and statutes actually say and stand up to the IRS and the Social Security Administration. All these are pieces to the finished puzzle and employers all across this country have been duped into becoming nothing more than unpaid tax collectors, violating the rights of their employees without even realizing what they're doing.

Joe Banister is a courageous American whose stand for the truth is going to go a long way in our battle to reach the nay-sayers but it isn't the cure-all. Remember that taking care of your family is your number one priority and you can't do that from jail and it isn't fair to throw them into the welfare system either. We must make our own choices but when it comes to fighting these dragoons in the IRS, careful thought must be given before you decide to step away from the system. Some succeed, most don't and many are taken for a ride by scam artists out there with their un-taxing programs, leaving nothing but victims in their wake.

There are links on this site to some of the organizations that really know and understand the IRS, the law and know how to assist Americans in this fight: Free Enterprise Society, Save-A-Patriot, etc. I invite you to keep checking the links section and also, as you can see, we have re-designed this site to make it easier to navigate around and check the latest updates. I am working as fast as I can to get a load of stuff I have on the IRS, SS and these other critical new world order mechanisms, so keep checking back and thank you for being so patient.

We're all suffering and mad but we still have the power to make our elected officials fear us - no, not with guns but by restoring the integrity of the ballot box. Until then, all we will continue to get out of Congress and the state legislatures are empty promises and new lies for old.

Devvy Kidd/ - Go Tell Ten People!

March 11, 1999

-- ... (, May 13, 2000

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