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July 1998

Special agent for IRS investigates - UPDATE 02/25/99

I ask this because of the definition of the word voluntary and it's application by one government agency. Now, either every dictionary in America is lying to the American people or the government, specifically the IRS, is lying to the American people.

Black's Law Dictionary defines voluntary as: Unconstrained by interference; unimpelled by another's influence; spontaneous; acting of oneself. Proceeding from the free and unrestrained will of the person. Resulting from free choice, without compulsion or solicitation.

Webster's defines voluntary as: (a) Arising from one's own free will; (b) Acting on one's own initiative; (c) Acting or serving in a specified capacity willingly and without constraint.

Now let me provide you with statements by government officials including one U.S. Senator; these are taken from documents in my possession:

Report by the Comptroller General of the United States, GGD-81-83, July 8, 1981, Illegal Tax protesters Threaten Tax System: "Since they represent a threat to our Nation's voluntary tax system..."

General Accounting Office [GAO], GAO/T-GGD-97-35, Testimony Before the National Commission on Restructuring the IRS, January 9, 1997, Statement of Lynda D. Willis, Director, Tax Policy and Administration Issues, General Gov't Division, page one:

"....between income taxes owed and those voluntarily paid. The IRS has estimated that taxpayers do not voluntarily pay more than....First, IRS' data suggest that U.S. taxpayers voluntarily pay about ...."

Washington Times, January 8, 1996: "IRS Commissioner Margaret Milner Richardson warned yesterday that continued bashing of her agency may undermine Americans' willingness to pay taxes voluntarily." "Ultimately I worry it may have some impact on our self-assessment system."

IRS 1040 Handbook, 1992, page 3, statement by Commissar Shirley D. Peterson: "You are among the millions of Americans who comply with the tax law voluntarily."

February 3, 1953, Congressional Record, page 13 of hearings, Dwight E. Avis, Director of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, Investigation of the IRS and It's Laws, House, Ways & Means Committee:

"Let me point this out now. This is where the structure of the income tax and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms tax differs: Your income tax is 100% voluntary and your liquor tax is a 100% enforced tax. Now the situation is as different as night and day. Consequently, your same rules simply will not apply."

USA Today, March 5, 1997. Interview with Senator Bob Kerrey (D-NEB): "It's (the IRS) a voluntary system."

How about a judge's definition of voluntary? "My personal opinion is that you are a disgrace and an affront to every working man and woman in this state who voluntarily file and pay their taxes." Judge Dennis Montabon, September 1994 while sentencing a dentist to nine months in jail for not volunteering to file a tax return.

And the media? Denver Post, April 13, 1997: "The chief losers (the working man and woman) who pay their taxes voluntarily."

How about Dwight R. Ramsey, Professor of Economics, University of Georgia, from Anti-Shyster Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 2: "Clearly, as a practical and political matter, our tax system is voluntary." Professor Ramsey must be part of the vast right-wing conspiracy to make such a statement.

Now, one would think after reading all these statements that the word voluntary means of one's own free will and without distraint or force. But what happens when you don't volunteer to file an "income" tax return or voluntarily participate in the IRS' program of self-assessment? I can tell you because I deliberately didn't file 1040's in '92 & '93 so I could discover for myself just what is fact and what is conspiracy theory. I can tell you, it was no picnic.

My husband and I received a gaggle of carefully worded lies from the IRS about Title 26 and "voluntary compliance." For the most part, the IRS and the Colorado Department of Revenue simply refused to answer any reasonable question. Then came the dreaded "Notice of Federal Tax Lien." After studying this document carefully, we discovered the justification for this worthless piece of paper is as follows:

Since Title 26 is not positive law, we had to go to the Code of Federal Regulations, Parallel Table of Authorities to find the implementing regulations. I found that this "Notice of Federal Tax Lien" is based on Title 27 of the U.S.C., specifically Part 70. For those who don't know what this means, it's not very complicated. Title 27 is Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Part 70 deals with the payment of excise taxes for manufacturing and/or selling commodities like alcohol, tobacco, firearms and stamps.

Neither my husband nor I have ever been involved in the sale or manufacture of any of these commodities. We are not today. However, regardless of your profession, and in my case, I've had no income since 1991, if you don't volunteer to file a 1040 "income" tax return, the IRS will slap you with a notice to file a federal lien based on your failure to pay an excise tax on the manufacture and/or sale of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. Teacher, economist, brick layer, fishing guide, lawyer, cannery worker, nurse, farmer, telephone company repairman - it doesn't matter and this IS the key to the fraud being perpetrated upon the American people by the 535 men and women of the U.S. Congress.

If you don't volunteer into this IRS criminal syndicate, the IRS puts a TOW missile to your head and tells you in no uncertain terms that if you don't surrender your money and/or real property to them, they will simply steal it. If we had a real U.S. Congress and a real Department of Justice, this criminal entity called the IRS would be out of operation and the individuals enforcing this fraud and extortion would be charged under the RICO statutes.

The IRS exists only to feed the blood of America to the private cabal of bankers called the Federal Reserve. The SS [social security] system exists only to track you and your income so that the IRS can force you to volunteer your earnings and property to them so the "FED" can receive its usury. It isn't any more complicated than that.

Fear is the only thing which keeps the IRS in business. And people should fear the IRS. The U.S. Congress fears them so much they recently fed the desperate American people another piece of smoke and mirrors called the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights. This highly touted "reform" of the IRS simply ignores the only solution to the IRS and the injustice done the American people for the past 85 years: Full disclosure of the truth and abolishment of this heavy, progressive excise tax - it is NOT an "income" tax. Will that happen? Not unless and until the people of this country decide to once and for all boot out the buggers in office responsible for this travesty.

If this fraud is so uncomplicated, why can't the U.S. Congress and members of the state legislatures see and understand what you and I can? Many of them do know. You think that the liars for hire, I mean the government lawyers who work for the IRS, don't know what Title 26 does and doesn't say? Do you think these cretins in the U.S. Congress don't know what Title 26 does and doesn't say? The majority don't but you can bet that many do and are too cowardly to step forward. Congressman George Hansen is the IRS' poster boy pointed right at the U.S. Congress: Open your mouth and you're next.

Don't believe it yet? Try this: A letter from the National Archives, May 16, 1994, Michael L. White, Attorney, Office of the Federal Register: "Our records indicate that the IRS has not incorporated by reference in the Federal Register (as that term is defined in the Federal Register system) a requirement to make an income tax return." Oh? Tell that to the IRS or Congress. The response you will receive is a form letter of carefully crafted lies.

The 50 state legislatures are allowing the IRS to operate illegally within their state borders. The majority of the states have also tied the requirement to file a personal state income tax return to the requirement to file at the federal level. If this fraud were exposed, then the states of the Union would suddenly find themselves with no tax revenues. These professional paid politicians have made this mess and only the people can force them to clean up the mess.

Again I say: Your state legislators, state reps or state senators are vulnerable to recall in most states- you don't even have to wait for an election. Throw them out and get a constitutionalist elected through a special election. Citizen activism works. It doesn't do a bit of good to continue asking elected public servants to do something if they simply aren't receptive or their past record in office demonstrates without any doubt, that they are not going to follow the law. Quit presenting petitions, reclaim America documents and so forth. If they haven't done it by now, they aren't going to, so get out and throw them out of office.

Keep demanding paper ballots, hand counted in the precincts in front of the general public. If we don't straighten out our voting system, America will just continue spitting in the wind and the same old dirtbags will be recycled into the Congress.

And while you're at it, give 100 people a copy of this article and tell them to give it to another 100 people. Ask them this: How can so many elected officials say the income tax system is voluntary but if you don't volunteer, you can be jailed? Ask them to think about this: Are all these government public servants lying or is Black's Law Dictionary and Webster's lying?

Is this just my opinion? You will be most interested in an evaluation of the volutnary aspect of the "income tax" by a practicing attorney and member in good standing of the Washington State Bar.

Special agent for IRS investigates - UPDATE 02/25/99

-- snuggy (, May 13, 2000

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