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This line was in the last scene we see of Doug...talking with Mark, and Doug says something about it raining a lot and having a lawn and Mark says matter of factly, "you're not going to have a lawn". And Doug kind of laughs it off, as if agreeing. I beg to differ, he has a bigass lawn, a lake, a TWO-DOOR garage (for more than one person, eventually, huh Doug?), a boat, and it almost looked like a stable or something in that back. Not bad at all. Yes, Mark, he is settling down.

-- Elaine (, May 12, 2000


LoL!! Doug has definately settled down. I think Carol had her answer even before she set eyes on Doug -- this house is for a family. I can't wait until they have Mark out for a visit. :-)

-- Arianne (, May 13, 2000.

I am not the world's biggest Doug fan but I loved his house. I actually took notice of the flowers in the window box, the three car garage, the blue door. I couldn't help think, Doug lives here. He keeps this house up by himself. And it looks like a beautiful place for a family.

-- Joanne (, May 13, 2000.

You know what? I bet he has a nursery for the girls...Aww...Tess & Kate are definately going to have a great life!! :-)

-- Arianne (, May 13, 2000.

I was looking at that massive house and thinking, "I know that private practice pays a lot more than being an attending at the hospital, but WHAT is he billing his patients????" Hee Hee!

-- Rachel (, May 18, 2000.

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