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I just loved the ending to last night's episode. Carol looked like the old Carol, and she was simply glowing with happiness.

This was the first episode of ER in a very long time that I actually was sobbing over the ending. Even Lucy's death didn't draw a tear, but seeing Doug and Carol reunited just blew me away.

It's about time one of the characters leaving the show had a good proper right out, and even a "and they lived happily thereafter" ending. It was perfect.

-- Lynn Siegler (, May 12, 2000


Lynn, I know, she looked SO happy, she was smiling like she used to and Doug was laughing the way he always did...I still can't get over it, I get all ridiculously emotional, just thinking about them and that song; I have to buy it now, it's so beautiful.

-- Elaine (, May 12, 2000.

This was a perfect ending!! They wrote her off in the best way possible -- they made it a "hello" rather than a "goodbye."

It was so great to see Doug & Carol together again, as if no time had past, just basking in each other, giddy and thrilled to be together again. Wow. That was wonderful, beautiful television.

-- Arianne (, May 12, 2000.

I loved when he picked her up at the end. It felt so right. They really seemed like two people in love with each other. I couldn't think of a better ending except for them going off together last year.

-- maryann (, May 13, 2000.

And what a nice life for both of them ... happy together, a beautiful home in a beautiful setting, lots of space for the kiddies, a boat ... wow. Carol said it perfectly when she looked around and said, "It's beautiful here." I am SO happy with the way the ER writers did this; in my opinion it was just perfect. A "happily ever after" that made sense and wasn't overly sappy or sweet.

-- Cindy (, May 15, 2000.

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