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How can anyone not like this show???! I was watching last nights episode with my best friend, and I was crying and gasping and she just sat there!! I don't understand! well.. I'm overflowing with all my thoughts about the great episode last night.. so here goes nothin'.

First of all right before ER came on, my dad came in the room and told me that ET said George was going to be on. Well i freaked out on my dad for telling me! grr!

Carter Carter! Noah Wyle has done such a fantastic job playing him this year.. he better get an emmy or something. I was almost positive that he was going to the bathroom to smoke.. then the second time he ran in the stall i thought he was going to pull out some pills. WEll when he started crying i lost it. I have to say when he cried, the look on his face was so painful to see. I just wanted to comfort him... since nobody else is having any luck, or trying much. I really hope he doesn't have bi-polar, I want him to be like he used to be. I have to say, it's been interesting seeing how he's been going through all of this. Great job to the writers. I seriously don't know what i'm going to do... I really can't wait 7 days to see the finale! AHHHHh

OHH! and the preview! There have been sooo many things going through my mind about what that whole thing with benton and carter is about. So many different situations could happen... but we have to wait to see!

By the way i love this thing. Everyone i know doesn't like ER. I think i've found my home here :)

Lets see... only ...6 days, 9 hours and 55 mins til the finale!

(i loved the carol/doug thing too!)

... does anyone have any pictures of Noah Wyle's wedding? I would love to find some. Congrats on that Noah!

-- Lauren Keeler (, May 12, 2000


Right on Lauren! I have to TOTALLY agree with you-- Carter's character has just been acted out so well it's practically beautiful. I luv it and I can't wait either!! Go Wyle!!

-- Marie (, May 12, 2000.

I felt really sorry for Carter too. Imagine giving someone a drug they had just told you they were allergic too. The medical/technical parts of ER have almost always been accurate - however, sulfa meds don't come in IV form.

-- Denise (, May 12, 2000.

There have been two episodes of ER that moved me in one way or another so much that I have to calm down before I can watch them again. The two are Such Sweet Sorrow and Be Still My Heart--and for opposite reasons. Be Still My Heart struck me with such fear that I couldn't watch it again for about a month. Even then I had to repeat over and over that it's just a show. Such Sweet Sorrow was so sad and so heartfelt that I think I'll need another month to relax before I watch it again. I was crying pretty much from the first scene and I didn't stop crying until I fell asleep. And people say ER is losing it's touch. Not in my opinion.

-- Carin (, May 12, 2000.

I know that some people don't agree with this, but I think that Carter needs a woman to help him out here. I'm not saying only a woman could help him out, but he seems so lonely, and he needs a good relationship with someone who knows how to talk to him; someone who could come downstairs while he's sitting there staring at the clock at 2:15 am and put her arms around him and tell him she'll be there for him (and since *I* can't do that!...) I think they need someone great for him. He NEEDS someone.

-- Elaine (, May 13, 2000.

>someone who could come downstairs while he's sitting there staring at the clock at 2:15 am and put her arms around him and tell him she'll be there for him.....I think they need someone great for him. He NEEDS someone<

Heehee, I volunteer!!! What a nice job to have, comforting Carter. :) Yeah, I agree. Kerry or Jing-Mei. Preferably Kerry, but hey, I can live with Chen/Carter. :) PLEASE no more blondes. I saw a few reruns over the past weeks and realized Carter prefers blondes. Hey Carter, redheads okay?

-- Monica (, May 13, 2000.

Elaine, I sort of agree and everyone is going to say yuck about this, but I think he and Deb together could be good. They have started off as friends and they have that friendly banter going. All of his relationships have been strictly sexual -- I think this friendship evolving into something more could be good! JMHO.

-- amanda (, May 13, 2000.

I love Carter too! When he started crying in the bathroom, I nearly lost it. And I was like "What's killing you like this? Why can't anyone see how much pain you're in?" I wanted to hug him! I'm so psyched about next week, but I'm worried too!

-- Joanne (, May 13, 2000.

Joanne...I'm kind of worried too. I don't want anyone yelling at him, personally, I cannot WAIT to see everyone freaking out and worried about him. I hope there's a lot of that, I don't care if they beat it to death, I want to see a lot of worried faces. Their young Dr. Carter is in trouble and they need to do something fast.

I was thinking, what if the big "ultimatum" is that they say "get help or get out"...oh no! I feel like jumping in and warning them just in case..."be gentle, he's very fragile right now!"

-- Elaine (, May 13, 2000.

Regarding IV Sulfa meds - the woman was given Bactrim which CAN be given IV - so the med consultants were right.

-- Chava (, May 14, 2000.

Monica said: "I saw a few reruns over the past weeks and realized Carter prefers blondes."

Carter also likes older women - this year it was Elaine and do you remember when he had the romance with the older doctor! I was 44 last week and would be happy to volunteer!

-- liz williams (, May 17, 2000.

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