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Friday May 12 9:06 AM ET

Villagers Opt to Keep Cowshit Lane

LONDON (Reuters) - It is not the sort of address most people would want but a group of English villagers has turned down a proposal to rename Cowshit Lane.

The name stirred controversy when the village of Golant in southwest England decided to have a map drawn up for visitors.

``I live there and I have no objection to the name,'' local council chairman Alistair Barr was quoted as saying by the Times newspaper Friday.

``Some others have suggested renaming it Cowslip Lane, which I don't agree with.''

Douglas Cooper, Barr's predecessor as chairman, staid: ``I only wish I lived there because I could put it on my headed notepaper.''

-- - (, May 12, 2000


-- - (, May 12, 2000.

Just be glad you do not live in Bastardstown,Southern Ireland !

-- Chris (, May 12, 2000.

How about:

Moo-moo do-do Lane

Cow-a-dunga Lane

Brownbeefbrisket Lane

Cattle Pattie Lane

Bovine Feces Lane

-- Cowboy (@ .), May 12, 2000.

Cowboy, 'Ya forgot "Cow Pie" lane.

-- Richard (, May 12, 2000.


Frozen or dehydrated cow-pies make pretty good frisbees out on the ranch when nothing else is available!

-- Mr. Frisbee (out@on.the.ranch), May 12, 2000.

England has some delightfully named towns. Rather liked Leatherhead. And just across the border in Wales we resided for a short time in a place called Mold. Also lived in Isreal a while and looked at an apartment on a street named B'ershit. Just couldn't face putting that on the stationary!

-- Gia (, May 13, 2000.

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