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How and when did Doug find out about his babies?

-- mary wilson (, May 12, 2000


There was an episode (I think at the end of Season 5?) where Carol called Doug in Seattle to tell him she was pregnant. We only saw her sitting in the lounge AFTER she talked to him, and she was crying, then Mark came in and asked what happened.

She said that Doug wanted to come back and see her, but she told him not to because she didn't want that to be the only reason for him to come back.

Then in the episode where they were born (in November 99) we see her ask the nurse if she can make a phone call to Seattle, but we don't actually see the call. We could only assume that she called to tell him about the births.

-- Melanie (, May 12, 2000.

At this point it doesn't matter anymore. In all honesty until 10:57 p.m. last night when Carol finally came to her senses and the writers deciced to cut all us D/C fans a break by having Doug appear they haven't done anything realistic with her story. Who knows what went on behind the scenes in the characters lives. I mean look at the bombshell they dropped us three weeks ago when it was revealed that DOug had been seeing his daughters. That was totally out of left field. The writers made up Carol's story as they went along. There was no thought to her character this season at all in my opinon. I think they hadn't recovered from the shock of JM turning down the $27 million. So they threw things in the script at will. Not the best writing but given the ending we got I'll live with it.

-- Kathy (, May 12, 2000.

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