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I'm one of the later ones to mentioned my complete happiness in last nights episode. One of my favorite things was how jam-packed this episode was. Each character they focused on had a important, character defining storyline. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that the finale is next week, but this went from one strong story to the next.

Everytime I thought of a storyline, I found it hard to believe that so much happened in this one episode. Carter obviously declined and Chen seemed so worried, which I thought was great. The bathroom scene was just too much!!! Everything with Mark, Elizabeth and the pearls, Elizabeth and Malucci, Weaver the Super-Bitch (gotta say she's hysterical when she's like that), The DNR, LUKA who is so sweet and it was so good to see him mad and see that he can't stay that way--the look on his face when Carol left WOW!, Abby (the scene with the nurses was funny!), Mark and Rachel and of course, CAROL AND DOUG!!! We haven't seen this much action in one episode in a long time and it was awesome. Everything was beautifully done. ALso, kudos to temp Frank. I liked him.

-- Joanne (, May 12, 2000


Yes, this epi was so good! I wanted to cry everytime I saw Carter! I am so glad someone is finally realizing that he has a problem. We went into the bathroom stall I just ached so much for him. I hope they do not make him bi-polar though.

Mark and Elizabeth were sweet and the look on his face when she gave him back the pearls and I loved how she said "don;t read anything more into this". And then the scenes with Rachel were great...he did learn something about these last few weeks with his dad and I think he will be a more sensitive person who shows his feeling more now! Elizabeth was great in the scene with was about time somebody was held accountable for something that went wrong. I said before, we think Romano is mean, but I would not want to cross Elizabeth she is one tough cookie! (but very fair) Poor Luka...I am so glad Carol and Doug got together, but all i could think of was that Luka has already lost his soulmate (his wife) and what if he doesn't find someone again?! And the surprise at the end was priceless...a great episode! BTW I liked Frank too!

-- amanda (, May 12, 2000.

I loved the whole epi too! I really liked the addition of Frank,especially when he told Kerry to stop yelling at him. FYI, he used to play a character on Life Goes On which also starred Kelli Martin. Enjoy the show next week everybody!!!!

-- Laura J. Fix (, May 12, 2000.

BTW, didn't Frank play the cop in the very first epi? The one who got in a fight with his wife then shot himself? He was Carter's very first IV attempt.

-- kristal (, May 12, 2000.

Frank was very good, wasn't he? No one can replace Jerry but he came about as close to filling the void as anyone IMHO.

-- Diana (, May 12, 2000.

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