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Man, I can't think of many exchanges in the show's history that made me say "Ouch" out loud, and I loved it. As much as I feel for Dave (I actually like the guy) I was glad they brought up the subject of what residents think of other residents when they're not in awe of their abilities (like early Benton episodes). Can you imagine someone saying that to you? And the directing again was excellent, showing Abby in the background.

(wonder what the rest of that tattoo looks like...?)

-- Larry Brown (, May 12, 2000


Larry - I have to agree. It was great to finally see consequences for actions ... especially for these 2 characters. Abby has been disobeying attendings continually, and Malucci gives little regard for his patients (save the little incenst victim was last week).

My husband is a first-year resident at a hospital in NJ and I can tell you from experience that he comes home many a day after witnessing (or experiencing) the wrath of angry attendings who have plenty to say about resident performance.

Many may have thought Corday was too harsh or the scene was not realistic ... but she was so right, and the scene was so right on!

-- Sidnee (, May 12, 2000.

And wasn't it finally good to know who was in charge of Abby!?! I felt sorry for Malucci but know it'll be the best thing to happen to his character if he lets it be.

-- Diana (, May 12, 2000.

Dr. Dave is Abby's teacher? No wonder she's such a screw-up! =D

-- Rachel (, May 12, 2000.

Sorry, I know this is a little off topic, but DAMN Malucci looked good in those scrubs!

-- joy (, May 12, 2000.

WOW!!! What a night for Malucci. First, getting hit with the lamp. Then Kerry calls him a FESTUS. After that getting stucked with the hemorrhoids patient. Finally, getting chewed by Elizabeth.

-- abiigail (, May 12, 2000.

Actually, I think it was Dave who called Kerry "Festus." Because he and Carter were joking that Dave never called her that to her face.

As for the tatoo, back in that episode where he was standing at the desk talking about Carol being up in the nursery and he said "That was her decision [to have kids] why should I have to suffer?" I noticed that was the first episode where he wore short sleeves, and I thought the tatoo looked like some kind of Chinese letter character.

And you're right Joy - he does look hot in those scrubs!

-- Melanie (, May 12, 2000.

I just thought that as bad as Corday reamed Abby and especially Malucci, she sure does it with class! She's mad as hell but stays so composed, very dangerous, unlike the way that Kerry comes completely unhinged. Keeping in mind that the reason for her anger is the safety of the patients (not to mention the ensuing legalities of such a screw-up!)and Abby's talent for screwing-up, ya gotta feel a little sorry for Malucci. If he can harness his ego & playfulness, and focus on medicine he'd actually be an OK doctor! It also explains why Abby is so often unsupervised and out of control. By the way, one can only imagine Corday's reaction had she known Carter put his patient into anaphalactic shock after she told him she was allergic to sulfa! Shudder...

-- Emma (, May 12, 2000.

Though I thought Elizabeth handled the dressdown of Malucci well (not shouting, fairly even tempered, succinct), something bothered me. I finally figured out what it was...Malucci would report to Mark or Kerry, right? If that's the case, Elizabeth...though correct in what she said...was out of line telling him others' opinion of him. She could have told him her own, but not that of others. Maybe she's more in line above him than I'm thinking though? I just have this uncomfortable feeling about it still and it's more than the heartbroken look on Malucci's face, though that bothered me. It's one thing for one person to think you're a goof-off, but another to be told that everyone you work with thinks so.

-- Diana (, May 12, 2000.

Some people need an "in your face" moment for the message to really sink in. I think Elizabeth was right in seeing Dr. Dave as one of these people. I really believe that this was good for him and we will see a better doctor because of it. In effect, she's giving him a chance to turn things around. It was hard to hear it now but better now than written up later.

-- maryann (, May 12, 2000.

...Malucci looked good in those scrubs!... Yep yep. Not as good as another certain resident, initials J.C, does though. :) ...Carter and anaphylactic shock... Oooh, I wanted Kerry and Lizzy to both start on a nice little tirade to Malucci and Carter. :) Abby too, while you're at it, and don't forget Ms. Leaving with five minutes notice/disregard hospital policy, Carol Hathaway. Yep, we need a big ER lecture session.

-- Monica (, May 13, 2000.

I agree, Maryann, and wasn't saying he didn't need the wake-up call. I just think it was inappropriate that she said what others feel. His supervisor (Mark or Kerry, I suppose) should have said these things to him, behind closed doors and officially. Elizabeth could have told him how SHE felt, but should have gone to whoever his supervisor is and told them about the incident for them to deal with it. I supervise (thru various layers) 36 people and believe me, if one of their colleagues has a severe problem with my employee, they need to come to me or their direct supervisor. If someone (either inside the department or outside of it) went to my employee and dressed him or her down like that (and with another employee able to see it--Abby), I'd have been having a talk with that person really fast. That's what bothered me about it. Malucci needed to be put on the right track, but by the right people at under the right circumstances. But then that wouldn't have made quite the impact, would it?

-- Diana (, May 13, 2000.

Actually, Elizabeth did go to Malucci's supervisor and tell her of the incident. It just happened off-screen. When Elizabeth sat down on Mark's desk she said she'd just finished talking to Kerry about Malucci, Mark even said something like "What did he do now?" Anyway, his ER supervisor was advised of the situation. Maybe Elizabeth is Dave's supervisor on his surgical cases. Who knows? I didn't realize Abby was under Dave's supervison until this eppy; these things never seem to be addressed on the show unless absolutely needed.

-- Amelia D. (, May 13, 2000.

Yeah, Elizabeth did go see Kerry, but AFTER she reamed him out, not before. So she covered her behind. I know a lot of people had been wondering on this site who was supposed to be watching Abby. I'm still surprised that it was Malucci because I didn't think he'd be assigned a student yet...I was wrong and shouldn't have been surprised considering how she's been pretty much on her own. Wonder if TPTB lurk here and realized when they saw some of the posts that they hadn't addressed that!

-- Diana (, May 13, 2000.

Regarding Dr. Dave's tatoo, I read in another Erik Palladino website where a girl had blown up as much as she could see of his tatoo and the chinese symbol translated into "standing by". I too, wonder what the rest says. Yum..he is sexy in scrubs or out I imagine!! :oP I loved the part when Kerry woke him up with the whistle and he banged his head. Also when Kerry gave him the hemorroids and he pleaded "come on Chief"..aww he is soo adorable. Dena

-- Dena (, May 16, 2000.

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