Networking G4 to a PC : LUSENET : Mac Troubleshooting : One Thread

Am trying to network an Ethernet-ready G4 to a Sony VAIO PC for transferring files. Store said all I needed was a cross-over cable. The PC does not have "built-in" Ethernet, so I bought a D-Link USB Hub w/10Mbps Ethernet LAN Port Driver which connects via the built-in USB port on the Sony. From everything I've read, both Mac OS9 & Windows 98 have built-in networking software, but for some reason, I'm not getting the software configurations correct 'cuz neither computer recognizes the other. My questions are: 1.) do I have the correct hardware, and 2.) what are the EXACT (software) steps I need to take to configure both systems? The Ethernet is working fine for all my networked Macs, but I just don't know enough about PCs to accomplish that hook-up. I'm not trying to network all the computers & printers at the same time ... I only need the PC connection once in a while for moving files back & forth. Any help would be appreciated.

-- R. Midland (, May 11, 2000

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