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I'm sorry, but couldn't Doug at least have said "I'm so glad to see you" or "I've been waiting for you for so long" or SOMETHING? I suppose their non-verbal communication is supposed to do it all, but the grunting and loping walk from the boat to shore...I wanted to see him more thrilled to see her. And another thing: was her decision just a wee bit sudden? Sorry, it's been a long day. I'm happy with the big picture, I suppose. I thought her goodbye with Luka was sweet. Hope he recovers.

-- Julia (, May 11, 2000


Hooga! Hooga! (That's supposed to be my chimpanzee grunt.)

Yeah, I was hoping for something a little more from Doug. But I think the point was, she was coming to him for a change, instead of him running after her.

Oh, yeah, someone owes me ten bucks!

-- S. Trelles (, May 11, 2000.

He wasn't grunting was he? It was just that "charming" chuckle thing he does all the time.

-- May (, May 11, 2000.

This was fantastic. Excellent. Wow. Superb. I think the non-verbal communication was perfect -- they didn't say anything, because they both knew. Nothing needed to be said. :-)

-- Arianne (, May 11, 2000.

That was the beauty of the reunion. No more words need to be said. We knew they were happy to see each other. We knew what was in their hearts, because we've known them--together, and apart, for so very long.

Any other way would have been spoonfeeding the audience--a bit cheesy. I got the sense that not only would this have been the way that Doug and Carol would have handled this, had they been real, but that this was the way that George and Julianna wanted this story arc to end.

I loved it. Carol was given the opportunity to be the "Officer and Gentleman" and go get Doug--be proactive in the way her character was meant to. Coming full circle from the beginning of the show in which she chose to end her life without Doug. Ending by choosing to live her life--of her own volition--with him. It was beautiful.


-- Kristen (, May 11, 2000.

(Am I allowed to respond to my own question?!)***I guess I should do some catching up on their relationship to really get a full appreciation for "the end of the arc." Which episodes do people recommend for this research activity, seriously? I've watched on and off since 1995, when Northern Exposure went off the air.

-- Julia (, May 11, 2000.

am i forgetting something, or was his only line something like "where are the girls?" to which she responded something like "with my mother." they need no words to express their feeling to each other, he has no worries about that, and his only concern is his daughters. perfect.

-- Marcia (, May 11, 2000.

Will somebody please, please tell me about a site that I can get a review or summary or something! I missed tonight's epi and I HAVE to know what happened! Help please!

-- Marie (, May 11, 2000.


Check out the first episodes ever aired that dealt with Carol's attempted suicide. And the episodes leading up to Carol's failed marriage--including the episode that was supposed to include the wedding.

Then there are the episdodes in which Doug and Carol actually started living together.

Last, but not least was George Clooney's last episode, Carol's discovery that she was pregnant and the two episodes that delt with the fallout from that revelation. Really, their relationship was some of the richest stuff ever dealt with on the show. These are complex, fully fleshed out characters. I think that, if you review these episodes, you might agree with my view of Julianna's last episode.

Sorry that I don't know the actual titles of these episodes. I tend to think of these things in terms of arcs instead of independent shows, being a book editor and always concerned with the beginning (inciting incident), middle (conflict, struggle) and end (resolution) of things.

I tend to agree with subsequent postings that Doug's one question, about the girls, was most appropriate. The fact that Carol was there, in Seattle, was all Doug needed to tell him how she felt.

I understand your need for more, but at the same time I felt rewarded by the fact that the writers considered those who followed these characters and understood them. They realized that they didn't give any more than they did.

Thanks for being such a fan--and for expressing your opinion. This give and take about these episodes is great.


-- Kristen (, May 11, 2000.

When Carol said "its beautiful here" i thought for sure he was going to say "It is now!". I think the scene was very well done! It was so neat to seem them so giddy and excited just to see each other!

-- amanda (, May 12, 2000.

I loved that he asked about the twins. I was pretty disappointed not to see him with his children, but that scene was better than anything I expected (well, before this morning, since the spoilers HAD to come out like 12 hours before hand...I can't imagine how I would have been had I not known, I was jumping up and down anyways) was beautiful, they always pick the music that makes you cry!

-- Elaine (, May 12, 2000.

Even though I never was really a huge fan of the whole Doug character, I have to admit I love that throaty chuckle that George Clooney does. It's downright sexy!

-- Melanie (, May 12, 2000.

I'm glad that Doug said almost nothing. Because then what he said would be taken in all different lights. Just like I'm glad that he was only on in the last two minutes. If he had been on any earlier, or if he had shown up at County, there would be all "Hey, there's Doug!" Or discussion about Carol going back. Even if he said more, it would be questions. I loved they just basked in each other. No words. Same with Carol just running out. I mean it could have been,

"Mark Im going to fly to Seattle right now!" "Now? Why?" "I love Doug! I have to go see him! I think I'm going to move back in with him!" "Now?" "Yeah! Gotta go, 2:15 flight to catch!"

I'm glad she explained it to Luka, though. At least someone knows where she went so they won't worry!

-- Joanne (, May 12, 2000.

Ok, was anybody kind of disappointed. I was really ready to be shocked like they said. I wasn't shocked at all. I figured she would be going back. They had been working up to it all along. I also really figured George Clooney would be back, they said he would when he left before that he agreed to make an appearance. Don't get me wrong, I did think the ending was sweet and they are the perfect couple. I just didn't see anything with Luka like I did with Doug. I also thought that she should have brought the girls with her. I would have liked to see him with them as a family. I also think that I really don't like Abby, they have to do something with her! And who died and put Elizabeth in charge to be that way. She reminded me of Benton! It will be nice to see some new stuff happening. Does anyone else see a resemblance in characters with Malucci and Doug? Maybe he's going to be the next one to fill in the shoes of Doug Ross?

-- BLS (, May 12, 2000.

I talked late into the night on the phone with friends about GC coming back. One of them has missed some epis and was a bit behind but she raised an interesting question. She said she'd have liked to have seen him with his daughters--that he'd want to see them. I told her he'd seen them as revealed a few weeks ago. My friend's respons was: where? when? Since Carol said Doug's place was beautiful it was obvious she'd never been there. So has Doug been coming to Chicago or has she been (I don't think so) putting the babies on a flight by themselves (just kidding). I still don't know why they put that line in a few weeks ago. To make him seem more presentable? Anyone else have some insight?

-- Diana (, May 12, 2000.

I believe the "Doug's been seeing them" line was put in there for a few reasons. First of all, TPTB haven't spent six years developing these characters to suddenly forget who they are. Doug would see his daughters, and Carol would not keep him away. It also added to Carol's dilemma -- knowing her daughters need their father, and wanting to give that to them (especially since Daddy Doug is willing), but still not sure if she wants to put herself and her daughters in such a vulnerable position. Obviously, we know what ended up of this conflict, and knowing that he's seen them makes it more plausible for Carol to go to him. :-)

I believe she didn't take their daughters along because, with all the things she'd have to pack for two babies, plus getting three tickets and lugging them onto the plane -- it would've been next-to-impossible. Also, she could only hope that Doug's still in love with her -- while it was fairly obvious, she didn't know for sure and had to go find out before she brought the whole gang out to Seattle. Doug & Carol have a LOT to discuss, after that happy reunion, and I think Mommy & Daddy need some "alone time" together before they can become a happy family. JMHO. :-)

-- Arianne (, May 12, 2000.

To BLS: Elizabeth *is* the associate chief of surgery. She has a legitimate position of authority. We used to see more of this type of authority being used in the early seasons by doctors like Hicks, and I believe it is realistic.

-- J.J. Ruth (, May 12, 2000.

Thanks, Arianne, for the ideas on why they had the line about Doug seeing the twins. While I mentioned that my friend would have liked a scene where Doug saw his girls, I preferred it as it was done, more romantic without baby drool...cute as that might have been. This was more romantic, but I said that already.

-- Diana (, May 12, 2000.


Regarding the non-verbal communication, I gots just three words fo'ya: CHEM--ISSS--TREEEEEE!!!!! Even after a year apart, George Clooney and Julianna Margulies still have it, and TPTB milked it for all it's worth, one last time.

I agree with Elaine on Doug asking about the girls. It was an attempt, at least, by TPTB to salvage some of Doug's character (which they ruined last season, IMHO). It would have been SO much more satisfying if Doug had redeemed himself by coming back to Carol, but oh well . . . that's for another thread.

On catching up with the arc, Julia, past episodes I recommend:

"Coming Home" (The beginning . . . of what we see at least) "Make a Wish" (Hints) "One for the Road" (Reunited) "Something New" (Commitment) "Fathers and Sons" (Affirmation) "Do You See What I See?" (The Proposal) "Sharp Relief" (Trouble in Paradise) "Of Past Regret and Future Fear" (Love Conquers All) "Vanishing Act" (Room for 1 more?) "The Storm" (BADLY- written departure carelessly thrown together)

This is a lot, and I know there's other eps the e.r. faithful would suggest, but it was THE storyline for five years. Which is another reason this ending just didn't quite do it for me (again, a subject for another thread).

-- Dao (, May 12, 2000.

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