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Sport or stupid?


Of course, I will be a completely impartial moderator of this discussion...

-- Tim (, May 11, 2000


Pro golf is stupid. Mini golf, on the other hand, is great. On the "other" other hand, once I turned on the tv and set it to channel 4 to watch whatever it was that I had on tape on my VCR and, 4 being ESPN, I had turned to the "Putt-Putt" golf championships.. a bunch of men trying to get holes-in-ones at a mini-golf course. Yeah, that was interesting for all of.. a minute and a half.

Ice hockey, now that's a sport (Go Flyers!)!


-- Michi (, May 11, 2000.

Very stupid. (No offence to Eric Egolf, should he read this, by the way.) I agree that mini golf is funchie (hitting Minis around a course - yeah!), but big golf makes watching eight hundred million files upload look positively interesting, which is the very reason I'm posting now, to avoid having my screen dominated by a blah grey FTP screen. Otherwise, I wouldn't have troubled you with an e-mail telling you that geen Zed has just posted.

-- Zed Of The Wild Frontier (, May 13, 2000.


-- Amy (, May 14, 2000.

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