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Castro Daughter Joins Elian Protest

By Catherine Wilson Associated Press Writer Wednesday, May 10, 2000; 2:19 p.m. EDT

Fidel Castro's estranged daughter joined in as demonstrators carrying U.S. flags rallied in more than a dozen cities Wednesday to show their support for the relatives of Elian Gonzalez who want the boy to stay in the United States.

Protesters gathered outside federal buildings in cities from Miami to Jersey City, N.J., to Kansas City, Mo., the day before an Atlanta federal appeals court was to consider the relatives' request to grant political asylum to the 6-year-old Cuban boy.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta is to consider whether the boy is entitled to pursue an asylum claim against the wishes of his father and an order from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Elian had been staying with his Miami relatives since late November, when he was found floating off the coast of Florida lashed to an inner tube. He was seized April 22 by federal agents and since then has been with his father, stepmother and 6-month-old half-brother in Maryland.

The court has ordered Elian to stay in the United States until it rules, which could happen in hours or take months.

In Miami, more than 500 people carried U.S. flags and shouted "Justice for Elian," shutting down two downtown blocks.

White and yellow stenciled posters carried messages reading "Not even a father has a right to condemn a child to slavery" and "Communism is slavery. Did America forget?" One sign equated President Clinton to Cuban President Fidel Castro and transformed the C's in their names into the communist hammer and sickle.

In Jersey City, N.J., Alina Fernandez, Castro's daughter, and Elian's great-uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez, greeted each other with clasped hands in Liberty State Park, where they were to speak at a afternoon rally of about 200 people.

"This tragedy would not have happened if Cuba was free," Fernandez said.

Smaller groups gathered elsewhere. About two dozen protesters carried signs in downtown Jacksonville, and about half a dozen people came to the federal courthouse in Kansas City, Mo.

In Miami's 83-degree heat, more than 50 women dressed in black for Mothers Against Repression, which supports Cuban political prisoners.

"Elian for us is one of thousands of people that have come to our shores in search of freedom, and we are here as Americans to support Elian's right to be free," said leader Sylvia Iriondo.

-- - (, May 11, 2000


Oh, by all the gods, now Castro's daughter! With all these x-Cubans out marching, demonstrating, running around the East Coast, whose minding the drug business in Miami? Who is paying their transportation, hotel, meal fees?

-- Richard (, May 11, 2000.


ROFLMAO, WHO is minding the drugs? I dont know, perhaps its a good time for a vacation, no?

For more info see coke/pesi thread....

Keep this a secret hell 98.5% of this forum would go to

-- consumer (, May 11, 2000.

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