Puzzled too

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Dear Students,

As of Monday night, I have assigned final grades for the course. Mr. Kim told me he would have them posted by 5 PM Tuesday. Based on that commitment, I told you folks the same thing. Obviously, as of Thursday noon, they are not there. I am trying to find out what the hold-up is from Mr. Kim. However I have not been able to reach him despite several tries.

I would only ask that you treat him with the courtesy and respect that he and I have tried to show you. I ask this partly because I know that a member of his family is critically ill, and that his mental energy has recently been deflected because of this. I am not asking for any special favors though. I am only asking that you treat him the way you yourself would like to be treated--nothing more.

Prof. Katz

-- prof katz (jimkatz@scils.rutgers.edu), May 11, 2000

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