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As I was reading Sports Illustrated's May 15th issue, I was caught by surprise when I saw a full page ad for the season finale. The ad is on page 101. It had a small picture of Goran, Eriq, and Anthony side-by-side on the left side. They are kinda looking at a big picture of Carter which almost covers the whole page. The lettering says, "Must See Season Finale Thursday" " Carter's Final Standoff." "His shocking ultimatum will change the ER forever."

I was thinking this ultimatum might have something to do with Carter leaving the hospital and nobody knows what he's going to do. And everybody's worried about him. Then, the TPTB will probably leaves us hanging in suspense over the summer. What about you guys? What do you think? Any thoughts about this ULTIMATUM?

-- abigail (, May 10, 2000


Abigail...I am totally wondering about this too. I was expecting a breakdown or something, but an ultimatum/standoff!?!?! WHAT is going to happen? What could this mean? I hope he doesn't end up getting in trouble and having everyone get mad at him...I hope they approach him VERY concerned (he deserves it for once)...and then what? I really can't picture Carter just running away, but I guess if they do it right, it will be okay. Since it seems that Wyle is excited about this, and he usually has a good idea of what is quality on the show, I think it will be an incredible show. I just said this on another thread, but I really have to commend ER these last few months...they are doing incredible work, I can't wait!

-- Elaine (, May 11, 2000.

Well I know that Carter won't leave perminatly, because he has signed on for 2 more seasons already. I have heard some other spoilers that say he leaves in the middle of his shift and nobody can find him. I'm guessing that we're supposed wonder if he went to go kill himself or what. I really can't wait to see what they've done with him. And that whole punching Benton thing? Whoah... i have no clue about that. I can't wait! arrrrrh!

-- Lauren Keeler (, May 13, 2000.

Well, you know, if he does leave in the middle of his shift, it seems like at least Benton finds him, because they are both in street clothes when they're standing by his jeep (maybe not his jeep...didn't it blow up or something when he was out searching the town w/ Lucy?)...anyways, not the point...the point is, this must happen after their shifts. I don't know, I am very excited to see what all happens. I hope Benton finds out about all this and goes around searching his ass off for him!

-- Elaine (, May 13, 2000.

Carter's jeep WAS burned when he and Lucy were out searching for the dad of the little girl with special enzymes in her blood, BUT for some reason I'm thinking he replaced it a few epis later with another jeep. This is coming from somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind, Elaine, but I do think he got another one. We only have four more days to find out what's going on in that scene!

-- Diana (, May 14, 2000.

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