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The Legendary Phoenix: Part 1

After beating Moo's evil army of Monols, Duke and Big Blue stop to have a brisk rest. "It was tough to beat those Monols with high defense" said Big Blue, "Yea, but at least we beat them" answered Duke. Duke is a regular Durahan and Big Blue is a Giga Pint, what makes these two so special is they were created by the same monster. Instead of combining two monsters one monster split in two to form these two brothers. "I guess your right" Big Blue said back.

"Now that were all rested up" siad Duke "we can get back to our mission, finding the legendary Pheonix." "With the Pheonix we can overcome Moo and his evil army" replied Big Blue. "Now which direction shall we go," asked Duke. "Lets go east," answered Big Blue, "I have a hunch about it." So the two brothers head east in search of the legendary Pheonix.

Thank You for reading part 1 of the Legendary Pheonix, I will try to realease a part of the story everyday. This is more like the intro part so I will realease another part of the sory later today.

The Legendary Phoenix: Part 2

As the two brothers, Duke and Big Blue go east in search of the Pheonix, Moo hears about the defeat of his Monol army and knows their whereabouts. Moo gets angery and calls on Gali of the Major Four. Moo tells gali to have him find out where they are going and to tell Moo. So Gali trails off trying to find where they led off to.

The two brothers keep walking til they hear a call for help. They turn and look in all directions trying to pinpoint the voice. Finally they find out where it is and run to it. As they look at whos there they see an abandoned Rock Worm, the Rock Worm looked at them in glee as he says "Oh, I'm glad to see you." "What's your name," asks Duke. "My name is Rocky," replied the Rock Worm, "what's yours." "I'm Duke and this is my friend Big Blue," Duke said, "why were you yelling for help,". "Well I was yelling because my village was attacked by Monols a while back and I managed to escape." "Well we just killed an army of Monols, they must have been the same ones that attacked your village," exclaimed Big Blue. "Hey," Duke quickly said, "do you want to join us?" "What do you guys do," asked Rocky? "Where trying to find the legendary Pheonix," explained Big Blue. "Sure, why not," said Rocky.

As the three trail off again they here a sharp voice, "Well, well, look what we got here the three stooges." Just then the three look back and see Gali. "It's Gali of the Major Four," shrieked Big Blue. "What do you want from us," questioned Duke. "Why, I want you to DIE." Just then Gali performs the move lightning, shocking all three of the friends. Just after that Duke performs a Rush Slash technique but misses. Big Blue Quickly covers up the mistake by catching Gali off guard and hitting him with Bite. "Thats good, but not good enough," said Gali as he gets a straight off knocking Big Blue to the ground. During all of this Rocky slips out of the way by hiding in between 2 rocks, gathering guts. Duke tries a cut in two attack on Gali and hits him. Gali falls to the ground.Duke and Big Blue turn and walk away. Just as they thought he was dead, Gali gets up and gathers enough guts to use Fire Wall, Blocking Duke and Big Blue in the fiery wall. Just as Gali is about to use Thwack to kill our heroes he hears a voice yell "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO." just as Gali turns to see what happened Rocky runs right behind Gali and performs Pierce Throw. As Rocky's tail stabs throught Gali, Gali screams in pain. Then Rocky lifts Gali in the air and starts spinning him round and round. Then with all his might Rocky hurls Gali through the air over the horizon.

As Duke and Big Blue get up in a shocked manner they say "Thanks for saving us, you have a real talent Rocky." "Oh, I learned that one from my dad," remarks Rocky. As the three reunite they trail off once again this time a little bit happier.

The Legendary Phoenix: The Third Coming

"Hey Duke, when are we going to eat I'm straved," asked Big Blue. "Yea, and where are we going," added Rocky. The three have been traveling for 2 days without food, and are going in circles. "Didn't I see that same tree allready," questioned Big Blue. "Just stop whining like a baby and shut-up," Duke yelled angrily, "ok I admit we're lost but dont complain. "Fine," argued Big Blue, "but you dont have to yell". "I'm not yelling your yelling." "No its you whose doing all the yelling." "Me, I didn't yell it was..." "Guys shut up and look," Rocky interupted. There before them was an old burnt up house. "Wow, look at the writing on the wall," commented Duke, "What does it say." "It says Market; We have Mystery Disks," the amazed Big Blue said. "Let's check it out," Rocky said. The three went in and searched but found nothing. "Well," said Duke "you'd think there would be something besides ashes, all I found were.... Whoooaaaaa..." Duke clumsely trips over somthing. "You stupid...hey look," Duke says astonished. "Its a mystery disk," all three of them said. "Could it be Pheonix?" questioned Big Blue. "I don't know," said Duke. "Hey guys look, its a shrine," Rocky said as he looked behind the Market. The three ran inside. they put the mystery disk in, the awaited nervously. It span faster and faster. Finnally now was the time to await to see the monster. A light appeared,the light started taking shape. Suddenly a big flash blinded everyone. "What is it, is it a pheonix," Big Blue quikly asked. they all looked amazed to find a Gariel (Dragon/Gali).

The Legendary Phoenix: Bravery Honored

"It's a dragon" all three said as they look at the dragon they got from the mystery disk. "Well, what should we name it," Rocky asked. "How about Draggy," Big Blue mentioned. "No its too gay, how about Drago War." "Thats too evil, I say we name it Tabasco." So they all agreed to name it Tobasco. As they journeyed down with their new monster they tried teaching it. "Ok Tabasco, knock these three blocks down... no, dont cheat...uhhh, you dont do it that way," Duke says trying to teach Tabasco, "look, like this". As the friends try and teach Tabasco, something evil takes place at Moo's hideout. "WHAAAAAT, what do you mean they defeated you your one of the Major Four, now go back and kill them before I kill you" Moo says agrily. "Yes sir," Gali says as he quikly flys out of Moo's sight.

After the friends teach Tabasco the basics they're off on their quest again. "Hey guys," said Rocky, "I just figured something out, we can increase our progress by flying on Tabasco's back." so they all got on Tobasco's back and started flying."Wow, I can see alot from up here," Big Blue says. after they fly for a while, they start to descend. "Whats wrong," asked Duke. "I'm too tired to fly anymore," Tabasco says as they land. "Ok I guess we will camp here tonight," Rocky says. So the four set up a mini camp and fall asleep. About 6 hours later Duke wakes up and finds Tabasco missing, "Hey you guys tabasco is missing." "Yea but where could he go, is it possible he doesn't like us and flew off," Rocky responded. The three look around untill one of them sees something. "Look I think I see Tabasco flying towards us," Big Blue said. "I thought Tabasco looked bigger" Duke said, "Hey, thats not Tabasco, thats... thats... GALI". The three jump up startled and amased it was Gali. "Quick everyone resume battle positions."

"What a surprise, look who I just happened to run into" Gali said, "I was planning on killing you last time but I had an unexpected visit from an unexpected someone, this time I'll make sure it doesn't happen". Gali starts glowing, preparing for an attack. "Come on guys lets attack," Duke said. "RUSH SLASH". "GUST OF BREATH". "PIERCE". But just as they were about to attack Gali, he yells out, "MIND CONTROL". Just then the three friends stop dead still in their tracks. "What happened," asked Big Blue. Gali answers "I have controll of your minds I can make you do anything I want right now I have you frozen still. Now I'm going to go easy on you instead I'll kill one of you at a time, I even have a perfect move. Its called Incinerater, what I do is I make a bomb smaller than a cell, then I throw it at someone and it gets trapped in their body, even if it doesn't detonate it also releases poison in your bloodstream. It may be small but it has a big explosion. Now which one of you goes first... you the Rockworm you defeated me last time, now its payback". Just then Gali forms a spec of light and it becomes round, then he gets ing a throwing mode. "Get ready to have a blast, ha ha ha," Gali says "here it comes". Gali hurls it at Rocky. The bomb is traveling at Rocky. Rocky closes his eyes. All of a sudden Rocky hears a whoosh sound and opens his eyes only to see Tabasco fly in front of him. The bomb inserts into Tabasco, the same time Tabasco performs Body Slam, killing Gali in one hit. They are all suddenly released out of mind control. "Hey, Tabasco, good job," Duke says. "Hey... Tabasco are you all right, the bomb didn't explode your all right" Big Blue says. "No he's not," Rocky says, "didn,t you hear Gali," he says, tears streaming down his eyes, "he said even if it didn't explode it releases poison... Tabasco is going to die...". There was a long moment of silence. Finally the three escort Tabasco down to the ground. They stayed up a long time that night waiting, hoping that Tobasco wouldn't die. They stayed up so long they all fell to sleep.

When Rocky woke up he saw Duke and Big Blue both asleep, then he turned his head towards Tabasco, but he wasn't there. He looked all around, but couldn't find him. Soon the others awoke and they also noticed that Tobasco was gone. They start a search for Tabasco, they looked all about the camp. It wasn't until they got fifty feet away from camp that they saw something. "Hey, look," they all look towards Rocky says in astonishment, "Its... its... its". He couldn't finish the sentence for there in front of him lay a disk stone, Tabasco's disk stone.

These are my old postings, thank you for reading them.

-- Aaron Guest a.k.a. Magma Bird (, May 10, 2000


Hey, that's pretty cool! Is there any more? I mean, Tobasco isn't stuck being a disk stone for long, is he?

-- Justice (, May 11, 2000.

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