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Its 8PM Wednesday now, this is starting to get ridiculous!!! Although this isn't surprising considering how everything else this semester was handled. Maybe someone in the department should be informed about the Prof and TA's inability to keep their commitments.

-- Binky (, May 10, 2000


HEY BINKY... I am sure that they are doing what they can to get the grade out to all of us as soon as they possibly can. They are doing us a favor by releasing our final grade to us at such an early date. They have been more than accommodating to our needs as students by offering us extra credit and by allowing us to retake our exams. I want to know my grade as much as you do. Making threats and posting annoying letters in a situation such as this is ridiculous. Maybe you should just calm down a little bit and try not to take it so seriously.

-- Jason (, May 10, 2000.

I agree with Jason 100% Binky, if you are so much better than the Prof. and TA, why won't you reveal your name and enlighten us with your improvements for the class's structure...could it be because you are a scared, spoiled little, college brat, who will never get anywhere in the real world because you think everything should be handed to you? It's bad enough we were babied in this class and given almost identical re-test's for almost every exam, and a group project turned extra credit!!!!!What more could you ask for? I wouldn't be surprised if you need to know your grade so badly because you need to know if you have to re-take the whole class!!

-- Kinky (, May 11, 2000.

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