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I think I consider a close friends as someone who will be there for you. Someone who if they have something to say would say it TO you not behind your back. I have been in the army for almost 4 years now ( how time flys ) and I had close friends when I left and I still consider them as such. I don't think you drop someone as such just because you don't get to see them all the time. I have tried to keep in touch and would like to say I have done a ok job. I have dated or tried to date a few close friends (female) but I think once you start a relationship based on being close FRIENDS sometimes it hard to go further. I know in both cases that have been since I have joined that I would like to say I have remained friends with both. and do think of them as close. Well What do YOU think?


-- --==Aden==-- (, May 10, 2000


The problem with being away for so long is that people can change so quickly. I know that even being gone for a year when I went to Seattle and then coming back to people... that was just weird. I visited people that I was pretty close to when I left and when I came back, all I could think was, "What the hell are they doing." Some of my friends in Brevard had ambition, and drive, and then all of a sudden it was like they forgot all about it and just gave up on trying to make something of themselves. I think Brevard, honestly, can do that to people. (or I suppose any small city.. small in comparison to Orlando or Seattle..)

It's tough when you have to realize that.

But, a true friend is someone that you can call at 3AM because you are upset and they don't get mad because you woke them up. (Hell.. call at 10 AM and wake them up and they don't get mad.. that's a good friend too :) A true friend ignores your faults, and when you are feeling down a true friend will spend the day with you in the mall criticizing (?) tourists :)

Uhh.. or somethgin like that :) It's early.. right now I can't think :)

-- Angela (, May 11, 2000.

I think a good deifinition of a close friend is one with dumb loyalty. Someone who does not use logic to analyse your bond. Someone who will love you even if you screw up, over and over again, and you would do the same for them. Its all about the heart, who cares about the rest. Time apart would not change that, a real friend is a real friend, for keeps, period. My friends know I always have their back, and Adam is there to kick their asses in line if they start screwing their lives up.

-I am the greatest swordsman the ever lived BEHOLD! EXCALISHLONG!

-- SuPerrrrrGoAT (, May 16, 2000.

I agree with the goat and I would say that he has been there in the past when I needed a back-up so-to-speak. I just wanna know where the hell he was when I was signing my 4-year army papers. I could have used someone to kick my ass then :) Well I can say I think I have a few close friends that would be there and I would hope they know I would be there if needed. I know a few I have kicked when I heard about dropping from school and such. I was the big pain in the ass brother. But it looks so far that everyone has done something good for themselves. That's what is the main thing.


-- --==Aden==-- (, May 17, 2000.

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