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Thought there might be interest in this commentary from CNN. I don't agree, but think it is discussion provoking.

-- Christy (, May 10, 2000


Man, that was harsh! I have always liked Carol although she can be a little depressing at times and gets on her soapbox alot of times too. But that article was too much!

-- amanda (, May 10, 2000.

Although Carol Hathaway is not and has never been my favorite character -- and I do basically agree with Kitman that sometimes she seems to be on a different show than everyone else -- Kitman seems to have a huge chip on his shoulder on the out-of-wedlock-birth-on-tv thing, and that's driving a thoughtless review.

I'm sick and tired of people expecting every character on every show on tv to be a "role model." People are people, each with good and bad points -- in real life, the same people have a little of both, and good tv depicts them thus.

To accuse this show of undervaluing fathers because of the D&C- Lovebabies plot is patently absurd. That is hardly the only or even primary paradigm for parenthood on this show. What about Mark's filial relationships with his own daughter and HIS father? What about Benton and Reece? What about Anspaugh and his son? What about Luka? What about all the loving, valuable/valued fathers who show up in the ER as patients or the parents of patients? What about the fact that Carol's own lack of appreciation for father's is often depicted (by the show and by Carol herself) as the somewhat pathological result of her own tragic childhood?

C'mon, Mark Kitman, grow up. It's bad enough that I have to deal socially with people so one-dimensional that they forbid the Simpsons to be shown in their household. (Though they themselves have never seen the show, they hear the people on in are not always very nice to one another. Satire is dangerous, you see.) I expect a more nuanced approach from people who get paid to write reviews.

-- Elizabeth (, May 10, 2000.

Hear, hear, Elizabeth. If anyone out there is concerned that a TV character is a bad role model for their kids, then I have only this to say--YOU parent your kids, instead of letting the TV do it! TALK to your kids about what they see on TV, instead of wasting your own and everyone else's time writing letters and reviews bitching about the lack of family values. TV and music does not make bad kids--bad parents make bad kids.

Now, I know that there are times when your kids won't talk to you, and you're the arch-enemy as far as they are concerned, but come on-- if you raise your kids honestly, teaching them to be open and honest with you from the beginning, you won't have nearly as many worries. My mother, though I love her, refused to talk to me about many intimate and dangerous things when I was young. As a DIRECT result of this, I made many foolish choices and some very dangerous ones. Now that I'm grown up, I realize that NOT TALKING to your kids is far more dangerous to them than simply letting them watch TV and asking them what they think. TV is wonderful entertainment, but it is not a substitute for parenting. And we should not expect it to be.

-- Cecelia (, May 10, 2000.

I wrote down the site earlier to go to when I had time, but after reading the above posts, I've decided I have better things to do than read such drivel. Thanks for the heads up, guys!

-- Diana (, May 10, 2000.

--Besides, I never particularly liked the way Nurse Hathaway looked. Her eyebrows are too bushy. --

You know,when a writer resorts to saying this, it's time to go... click...

-- samira (, May 10, 2000.

Seems he was rather uninformed w/regards to the time line - she didn't try to commit suicide over Doug. The dude needs to get his facts straight.

-- Linda (, May 10, 2000.

I think it is nice to know that Dan Quayles former speech writer (Murphy Brown) has found work. Now he can go back to the potato/potatoe debate!

-- Deb (, May 11, 2000.

Oh, Deb, that's just precious. LOL

-- Cecelia (, May 11, 2000.

What is this guy's problem? That's right, pal, I'm going to go out and have me some lovebabies because a couple of TV characters have. << rolleyes>> I completely disagree with this article, as raising two babies alone is a very noble thing to do.

Unlike Roz on "Frasier," Tess & Kate were at least born out of love. This man was horribly incorrect (for instance, Hathaway was in therapy after her suicide attempt, and he states that she wasn't). Ah, it's people like this who make me thankful that I have and excerise my big mouth -- needless to say he got a piece of my (articulated) mind!! ;-)

-- Arianne (, May 11, 2000.

I must admit I liked Carol a lot better before she got hooked back up with Doug, but at least I have formed that opinion on watching the show, something he says he fast forwards thru when Carol is on. How can you write about something you watch speeding past with no dialogue? I have a daughter and am not married, and raising her is one of the hardest things I have ever done and her father is in her life everyday. Carol has said she didn't want to be a single mother, she didn't want to leave Chicago, didn't want Doug to come back when she found out she was pregnant. Maybe what they are trying to show is sometimes smart people make bad decisions and look at the consequences. Just my opinion.......

-- Casey (, May 11, 2000.

"A typical doctor," Blank said. "Just looking out for himself."

Hathaway was a bad role model for young women watching TV. Also for irresponsible men. >

I want to know what show this guy was watching? He must have been fast-forwarding through the scenes with Juliana and Doug as he claimed hw would like to do! He also claims that Carol tried to kill herself b/c Doug wouldn't marry her and never got any counceling, both way off the mark.

I can't beleive CNN would print this. So inaccurate...

-- Chava (, May 11, 2000.

I just saw my post - part got cut out which was a quote that said Hathaway would have married Ross if he asked, but he didn't. It then goes on with the part about "typical doctor". Like I said, what show was he watching?

-- Chava (, May 11, 2000.

I think this guy needs to get a lfe! He needs to realize that there are alot of women who have kids out of wedlock. One of my friends sisters has had 5 kids out of wedlock and she's doing okay. Okay that may be a bad example. I think that Carol is a good role model!

-- Cammie (, May 24, 2000.

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