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Any hairy stories for us? Is your hair long or short? Why did you chose that? Have you ever changed your hair style completely over night?

-- Tim (, May 10, 2000


Last Friday morning I left for work, my hair unruly... by the time night fell, my head was shaved. Its actually much better, I dont have to worry about it.. now I'll begin the process of growing it out again... by next month, it'll probably be unruly and wild again.

Greg @ Commixion

-- Greg Barber (, May 10, 2000.

My hair is and always has been long. Any time that I've decided I want it different, I've other chickened out, not gotten around to getting a hair cut, or made a change that I thought was drastic, but that was actually barely noticeable. Me? Conservative? Bah! I like it long, at the moment. It gets annoying at times, but right now we're at peace with one another.

-- Sarah Joy (, May 10, 2000.

As I've gone and fallen maaaadly in love with your hair, I say you should keep a nice little mop. The conservative thing is used by everyone and boring, to say the least. As for my hair stories, my hair used to be down to my waist. One day, my dad took me for a haircut and had the lady cut it up to my shoulders. And boy was my mom pissed! It's stayed the same length since. I like my hair. It's the thing that gets me the most complements, at least one a day. I'm quite fond of it, really. Keep your hair the same length. The ladeez love it. :)

PS I've promised Greg a photo by the end of this month. I promise!

-- Krysten (, May 10, 2000.

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