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Ukraine: No. 2 reactor halted at Zaporizhzhya nuclear power station Source: BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union - Political Publication date: 2000-05-10

Excerpts from report by Ukrainian news agency UNIAN Kiev, 10th May: At 14:51 [11:51 gmt] on 9th May, the No. 2 generating set of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power station was disconnected from the country's power grid due to a malfunction, the Nuclear Control Administration under the Ministry of Environment [and Natural Resources] told UNIAN.

The unscheduled stoppage of the reactor was caused by malfunction of its turbine control system which automatically halved the reactor output and the reactor stopped in a few minutes following the stoppage of its cooling pumps.

The failure posed no threat to the personnel and caused no change in background radiation in or around the power station. Repairs on the generating set are expected to be completed by 20:00 [17:00 gmt] on 10th May.

This incident is rated at nil on the seven-point international scale of emergency situations, the power station's information centre told UNIAN.

[Passage omitted: No.5 reactor was halted for maintenance and restarted at 22:03 gmt] The reactors currently in operation are No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5, turning out a total of 2,720 MW. The No. 1, No.2 and No. 6 reactors are currently under repair.

-- Martin Thompson (, May 10, 2000

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